10 Best Kids Movies And Shows On ZEE5, Streaming For Free (So You Can Work In Peace)

From mythology to folk tales to action-adventure, ZEE5 has curated a list of interesting movies and shows for kids to keep them entertained.

1. Christopher Colombus

Now when schools are closed, playgrounds and play arenas are prohibited, friends can’t come over to chill and play, or even for group studies. What do children do at home then? How about having a list of top movies and shows they can watch handy?

Christopher Colombus is visually gorgeous movie. Behold the first adventures of young Christopher Columbus as he sets out to sea in this high quality entertaining animated feature for your kids and family. This goes first in the top 10 must-watch for kids.

2. Ramayan

The Ramayan is a saga which has never left us. It reminds us of the stories our grandmas and grandpas used to tell us in our own childhood. An evergreen favourite, this goes second on our list of top 10 must-watch.

3. Mahabharat

Following the lines of Ramayan, the Mahabharat is another great example of a story with a vast number of characters. A mythological drama using the voice of great artists including Amitabh Bachchan, Vidya Balan, Manoj Bajpayee, Anil Kapoor, Ajay Devgn, and Jackie Shroff, it is a great source of connecting with one’s culture.

4. Cinderella

Charles Perrault’s fairy tale Cinderella is world famous. Most kids know this fairy tale already, but to see it in a visual format is something else entirely. This movie will transport children from the world’s current situation into a beautiful virtual world. It is a must for children to indulge their imagination, which this movie allows them to do.

5. Krishna Balaram: The Warrior Princess

The Warrior Princess is a story of bravery and friendship. A warrior princess from another world is attacked and the almighty brother duo Krishna-Balaram help her to save her world. This story is about team work and helping each other, and can be a great learning opportunity for kids.

6. Chhota Bheem

Does Chhota Bheem need an introduction? Chhota Bheem has become famous show across channels and audiences. There is barely any kid who does not know about him. Here we have the entire season of Chhota Bheem on ZEE5!

7. Bandbudh Aur Budbak

Bandbudh and Budbak revolves around two 10 year-old boys, Badrinath and Budhdeb. This duo is full of mischief, which often results in a mess for others as well as for themselves. Any kid would love to watch this show, which is a bundle of fun and laughter.

8. Bablu Dablu

Bablu Dablu is about two bear brothers, Bablu and Dablu, who set out to thwart the efforts of Lakha, who is an evil logger and always tries to turn their forest into his personal lumberyard. This show is very funny and full of adventures, and inculcates the importance of preserving the environment in children.

9. GG Bond: The Legend of Warriors

GG Bond: The Legend of Warriors is a Chinese animated adventure movie about a team of five heroes in a fairy world whose residents are always in trouble. But GG Bond and his team are always on the go to solve any issues. This is a funny and entertaining show to watch while being at home.

10. Vir: The Robot Boy

Vir: The Robot Boy has different story each episode wherein the main character, Vir, along with his friends Guntu the jinn, the Chulbul the donkey, and Imli, his classmate, unravel mysteries and fight their way out of everyday troubles.

These are a few movies and shows that are such a rich source of information and moral values. Let us know which movie or TV show your children liked the most in the comments section below!

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