10 Quotes By ‘Mental Mom’ Meira Sharma Every Mom Will Relate To This Mother’s Day

"It's not motherhood, it's Mentalhood," and a few other pearls of wisdom from Karisma Kapoor about raising kids that you, as a mother, will relate to.

Mother's Day is a time to celebrate motherhood and maternal bonds

Mentalhood, is a ZEE5 Original series, which showcases the difficult struggles of a mother, the tough #MotherhoodKeChallenges in raising her kids. The beautiful emotional series is directed by Karishma Kohli, and is created by Ekta Kapoor. Mentalhood features Karisma Kapoor, Sandhya Mridul, Sanjay Suri, Dino Morea, Shruti Seth, Shilpa Shukla, and Tillotama Shome in lead roles. The series highlights different aspects of parenting and motherhood including helicopter parenting, tiger moms, etc. The Mentalhood series teaches us the importance of appreciating all mothers, who are never acknowledged, for all the selfless love and care they give their children, and family. This Mother’s Day, we have listed 10 quotes from Mentalhood, by mental mom, Meira aka Karisma Kapoor, that is a go-to mantra for every beloved mom out there. Take a look at it:

1. Meira tells moms that imperfections are just perfect!

Actress Karisma Kapoor essays the role of Meira Sharma in the ZEE5 series, Mentalhood. In the entire series, Meira who is a blogger, keeps inspiring all mothers, and gives them tips to handle their kids better. Meira who is not a perfect mother urges every mental mom to make mistakes and learn from them. She even calls her motherhood journey, the mental hood journey, that drives her crazy!

2. Meira's tips for moms on how to teach kids to tackle bullies

In the series, the kids face bullies in school and this is something most kids face in real life too. Meira tells all mothers that they cannot be around to save their kids from bullies. What they can do is, teach their kids how to face these bullies. Meira says that the best way to deal with bullies is inner strength.

3. Children have a right to make certain decisions

The makers of Mentalhood, have tried to make parents understand the literal meaning of gender fluidity. Meira tells every parent, that they inject several things in their kids’ minds and they want them to behave in a certain pattern. She says that every child has a right to decide their gender identity, without being pressured about what society will say, or think. “In the world of pink and blue, can I dare to be yellow?” This powerful dialogue in the series, beautifully highlights the topic.

4. Making memories with your kids

Meira teaches an important lesson to all parents as she says, ‘Between push and pull is being happy!!’ In the series, Meira is strict with her kids and unknowingly that creates a distance between them. But later she realises that being a tiger mom, she should know that between push and pull parents should not forget to make their kids happy. Meira pushes her kids to score good marks in exams, but forgets to give them happy moments.

5. Emotional insecurity and competitiveness, ka koi ilaaj nahi hai

Meira who gets tired about the madness that she lives in, says that there is no cure for emotional insecurity and competitiveness, “iska koi ilaaj nahi hai”. Meira has very well put this forward and made parents realise that this is not the end of the world.

6. The art of saying yes or no

Being a mental mom, Meira teaches all parents the meaning and power of saying yes or no. She makes her kids learn the meaning of good and bad. She says, “The art of saying yes or no, the answer is never one word”.

7. It's ok to be the bad cop sometimes

Meira cries her heart out knowing that she is not a good mom in the eyes of her family. She pens down her thoughts as she says that, ‘Being a parent, we have to take the risk and break our kids’ confidence. Maybe I am not a hero in my family’s eye, but for their good, am happy to be a villain’. It’s heart wrenching, when a mother tries her level best to give every possible thing to her kids, and they blame her for not being a good mom.

8. Parenting is all about teamwork

Meira feels that in the race of being a good mother, she forgot to be a good wife, and fulfil her duties towards her husband. She says that every mother has her motherhood mantra to deal with kids. Meira feels that the best way to become a great parent is when mom and dad are on one team. Meira’s husband is quite supportive and helps her in every way.

9. Teaching kids the meaning of good touch and bad touch

Meira tells every parent to teach their kids the meaning of good touch and bad touch and make them aware of everything. Meira wants kids to identify every person and is safe from them. 

10. Its always mental hood and not motherhood

Meira finds it difficult to deal with her kids, and by the end of the day, she goes crazy. But still, she never gives up, and continues doing everything despite being ill. Meira tells every mother that they are not alone in this crazy journey, as every mother is ‘mental’ in her way. She even believes that the entire journey of mothers which the world calls as motherhood is a mental hood in real sense.

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