10 Reasons Why We Heart Tanu Weds Manu Returns And Feel It’s A Must-Watch For You

The 2015 blockbuster film starring Kangana Ranaut, R. Madhavan, Jimmy Sheirgill, Swara Bhasker and Deepak Dobriyal is streaming on ZEE5 for free.


Fine, four years is too long on the clock for a sequel, there I said it. Half a decade on, when the memories from the first part Tanu Weds Manu were one step away from ‘Erase – All,’ Aanand L. Rai dropped Tanu Weds Manu Returns in 2015 on our souls. The second installment was a total recall to the absolutely flawed, borderline alcoholic and downright adamant Tanuja ‘Tanu’ Trivedi *insert Kangana Ranaut* and the perfect husband-next-door with the dreamiest eyes and softest heart *insert R. Madhavan*.

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Boy, Tanu Weds Manu Returns is a cocktail served with the right combination of romance, sarcasm, humour, punchlines, and swag. It is the perfect drink to kick in your weekend buzz! While this fresh brew does promise a hangover that won’t let you get to work on Monday morning, but I will still go ahead and tell you why I completely fell in love with Himanshu Sharma’s writing in this one. No spoilers, few deets only, done deal?

1. Sun Sahiba Sun…Pyaar Ki Dhun

kangana madhavan in tanu weds manu returns
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Not sure about you folks but if you are a fan of Bollywood classics as much as I am, the opening segment of the film is a trip down the 80s memory lane. The shot of ‘Tanu weds Manu’ followed by the Bidaai in a green lehenga gets us all nostalgic. (Wait until another truck hits you somewhere around the intermission scene.) 

2. Pappi Bhaisaab 

deepak dobriyal as pappi from tanu weds manu returns (1)
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Deepak Dobriyal as Pappi ji is a discovery. Not that he hasn’t shone before, but his performance of a Delhi-ite is spot-on! He is Manu Sharma’s side-kick who thinks Aashiqui in Dilli = pollution, prioritizes London Darshan before saving Manu from the asylum. Moreover, he is the kind of man who thinks happiness is garma garam samosas with tomato ketchup. This buffoon is inflated with the most whacked sense of humour, one that ricochets from the screen and dives straight onto the funny bone.  

3.Epic timing

kangana ranaut as tanuja trivedi in tanu weds manu returns
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Aanand L. Rai manages to tuck in some preach pieces in bits and parts. Especially when Datto Sangwan’s brother Rajesh reprimands his community members for discouraging cross-cultural marriages; let alone accept a female child. However, the advisory part is well timed with drama for Rajesh arrives when Pappi and Manu are about to be set ablaze – literally and a lollipop boy goes asking for a matchbox across the street.  

4. Muuche jachh rahi hai, Awasthiji

jimmy sheirgill as raja awasthi from tanu weds manu returns
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Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy…Aaja Aaja Aaja! Now that’s a sentence I had never imagined I’d ever say but Jimmy Sheirgill with that stache is irresistible. Excellent retention from the first part, his character Raja Awasthi is once again left on his own, thanks to Manu. There is something about this actor that we can never get enough of his Mohabbatein. Oh, he wins the Best Dialogues trophy, second to Pappi ji, of course.

5. Rampur ka Chintu, The Lawyer

chintu from tanu weds manu returns
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Soon after I watched Raanjhanaait was clear that Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub defines brilliance. The fan brigade is only expected to grow by massive manifolds with TWMR. He plays Chintu from Rampur – endlessly creepy, shameless and in desi dictionary a dheetHe will make you hate him throughout the movie so much that you want to slit his throat but then there would be less laughter and that’s not okay. 

6. Ek heartbreak pe dusra FREE, FREE, FREE 

Keeping the deal intact (we signed at the beginning remember?), all I can reveal is that Kangana will make you weep, not once but twice.  

7. The Sexy Swagger, Blame Banno

Admit it – we all got the lyrics wrong as Banno Tera ‘Sweater’ Laage Sexy…and then the lyrical video was released and…delete history! But I am addicted to the wedding number, charge me for that.   

8.Ho-Ho Maddy, Maddy, Oh-Oh Maddy 

He has been ruining it for us girls since his days of being Maddy…and boy oh boy, the millennial crush hasn’t aged a single day. Madhavan as the quintessential husband Manoj ‘Manu’ Sharma has us convinced that perfect husbands do exist. YASS, girls! The shy smiles and fuzziness he sent across the celluloid has us all…well…feeling something tingly *cough cough* Get it?  

9. Hail, Queen K!

The reigning queen isn’t going anywhere anytime soon you fellas. Her kingdom come, her will be done for it’s an era that will only end with a legacy. I mean, is it even possible to play a double role without the audience knowing it’s the same person? Be guys were Ran-aut by our ‘Queen’ Kangana.  

Nine reasons down and not one that will not get you to catch a watch of this film! Because it is beyond paisa-vasoolI surely wouldn’t have mind paying extra you see. Hell, of a cinematic experience!  

10. National athlete’s Haryanvi accent

For those saying but she is a North Indian – no. Kangana is a Pahadi beauty. As distinct as Bengal and Gujarat. But the champion is trained to finish first, no consolation prizes!  

The only thing that would have been better (not a flaw at all) is the visual effects – the whole duplicate in one frame thing. Otherwise, not something you should watch. Take my word. I bet my money.

What are your views about Tanu Weds Manu Returns? Do you have a favourite scene? Comment in the section below with your replies.