10 Short Films Like Toothbrush, D.A.T.E, Fatafat That Are Perfect To Watch Before Bed

Streaming on ZEE5, Moh, Mehraam and Khoj are few other short films you can watch to kill boredom during the 21-day lockdown.

1. Astitva

All of us across the country have pledged to fight to win against the outbreak of Coronavirus. One of the things that help us do so is practising social distancing. A few weeks ago, many states and cities across India were put under lockdown in order to arrest the spread of the virus and to promote the wellbeing of one and all. So, while you take to doing your duty as a responsible citizen, here are 10 short movies to watch exclusively on ZEE5, only for your viewing pleasure.

1. Astitva

A warm-hearted housewife tries to hide from the shadows of her past. But life catches up to her by rewarding her with wealth that will only spell doom. Her husband demands answers. Watch the lady of the house create an identity for herself as her marital life hangs in balance.

2. Khaar: The Other Side of History

A revolt against the yoke of colonization. A man who was born to free India from the cruel clutches of the British. A young India, on the brink of breaking free. This ZEE5 Original goes deeper into the mind of the Father Of Our Nation, Mahatma Gandhi.

3. Mehram

How much has patriarchy influenced our culture and religion? Are we all equally in charge of our religious choices?  This ZEE5 Original beautifully depicts the lonely journey of a determined old woman to fulfil her religious dream of performing Hajj, without a male relative.

4. Toothbrush

Can opposites really attract? Even if they do, can an extrovert and an introvert truly find love and marital bliss? Watch this ZEE5 Original psychological thriller and get introduced to the concept of moving on through a toothbrush.

5. Moh

It is said that all happy people are happy in the same way, but each unhappy person is unique in their unhappiness. Moh is one such tale of a girl who wishes upon the stars but doesn’t realise that the journey to them means letting go of the ground she stands on. Get some tissues ready, because this one is a tear-jerker.

6. Khoj

Every little girl dreams about marriage, and Gurpreet was no different in that regard. Her dreams came true when she got married to a handsome NRI living in London. However, she soon finds out all of the happiness was just a dream and that is when her nightmare begins. Watch this ZEE5 Original about a small-town girl who sets out on a quest to find out answers and her absconding husband.

7. D.A.T.E.

All of us have dreams, ambitions, and wishes that we would like to be fulfilled. So why should the women, who decided to put their family first, be treated any different? D. A. T. E., a ZEE5 Original narrates a pleasant story that brings out the message of close-knit bonds, love, and appreciation through an emotional storyline.

8. Fatafat

Step into the shoes of an ordinary employee trying to battle it out at a customer care centre job. The boss is too exacting, customers are too threatening. What’s a guy got to do in such a mess? This ZEE5 Original drama is sure to give you a different perspective to life in general and jobs in particular.

9. Lal Bahadur Shastri's Death

In the months before India was granted its freedom, many freedom fighters fought valiantly at the frontlines. One such man was Lal Bahadur Shastri, who went on to become the second Prime Minister of an independent India. This docudrama explores the many conspiracy theories behind the man, his acquaintance with Subhash Chandra Bose, and his untimely death.

10. Meethi Eid

Jyoti and Rahila are two young girls who share a sweet bond of friendship. This friendship is about to be put through certain tests in this ZEE5 Original. Watch this short film to go back and renew your old bonds with those closest to you.

Watch all these short films exclusively on ZEE5!

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