10 Ways To Avoid Becoming A Victim Of Cybercrime Like Hina Khan In #Hacked

The psychological thriller film Hacked stars Rohan Shah as a hacker and Hina Khan as a cybercrime victim. Here's how you can protect yourself.

Hina Khan as Sam in Hacked

Hina Khan and Rohan Shah’s new psychological thriller film Hacked on ZEE5 sheds light on the dark world of hacking and other crimes in the cyberspace. Sameera Khanna aka Sam is a career-oriented woman whose life turns upside down when her 19-year old secret lover Vivek hacks her professional as well as all her social media accounts to use her for sex. Sam goes to the police but this only aggravates the offender. With similar cases, cybercrime is an ongoing threat in the worldwide web. With modern technology at hand, we can learn to protect ourselves against such instances to lead a stress-free life. Even if you have #NowhereToHide from it, here are ways to avoid it:

But first, watch the exciting trailer here:

1. Use a full-service internet security suite

Authorized anti-virus software and firewall portals provide real-time protection against existing and emerging malware including ransomware and viruses and helps to safeguard your private and financial information when you go online.

2. Use strong passwords

Don’t repeat your passwords on different sites and change your passwords regularly. Make them complex, which means using a combination of 10 letters, numbers and symbols at least. A password management application can help you to keep your passwords locked down.

3. Keep your software updated

This is especially important with your operating systems and internet security software. Cybercriminals frequently use known exploits or flaws in your software to gain access to your system. Patching those exploits and flaws can make it less likely that you will become a cybercriminal target.

4. Manage your social media settings

Keep your personal and private information locked down. Social engineering cybercriminals can often get your personal information with just a few data points. So the less you share publically, the better. For instance, if you post your pet’s name or reveal your mother’s maiden name, you might expose the answers to two common security questions.

5. Strengthen your home network

It’s a good idea to start with a strong encryption password as well as a virtual private network (VPN). If cybercriminals do manage to hack your communication line, they won’t intercept anything but encrypted data. It’s good to use a VPN whenever you use a public Wi-Fi network, whether in a library, café, hotel or airport.

Hacked - Hina Khan and Mohit Malhotra
Hacked starring Hina Khan and Mohit Malhotra

6. Talk to children about the internet and cybercrime

We can teach our kids about acceptable use of the internet without shutting down communication channels. Make sure they know that they can come to you if they are experiencing any kind of online harassment, stalking or cyberbullying.

7. Keep up-to-date on major security breaches

If you do business with a merchant or have an account on a website that’s been impacted by a security breach, find out what information the hackers accessed and change your passwords immediately.

8. Know that identity theft can happen anywhere

It’s smart to know how to protect your identity even when travelling. There are a lot of things you can do to help keep criminals from getting your private information on the road. These include keeping your travel plans off social media and using a VPN for the internet.

9. Keep an eye on the kids

Identity thieves often target children because their Social Security number and credit histories frequently represent a clean slate. You can help guard against identity theft by being careful when sharing your child’s personal information.

10. Know what to do if you become a victim

If you believe that you have become a victim of a cybercrime, you need to alert the local police and in some cases, the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal (cybercrime.gov.in). This is important even if the crime seems minor. Your report may assist authorities in their investigations or may help to thwart criminals from taking advantage of other innocent people in the future.

Don’t worry! Taking precautionary measure is the best way to avoid cybercrime when there’s #NowhereToHide from them. Watch Hina Khan and Rohan Shah starrer psychological thriller film Hacked streaming now on ZEE5!

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