#10YearsOfIradaPakka: Siddharth Jadhav And Sonalee Kulkarni Share Memories Of Their Film

Siddharth Jadhav and Sonalee Kulkarni shared some interesting stories about the film Irada Pakka and the fun they had while shooting the film.

Sonalee Kulkarni and Siddharth Jadhav- Irada Pakka

Siddharth Jadhav and Sonalee Kulkarni had a live chat yesterday as their film Irada Pakka completed 10 years. The film directed by Kedar Shinde was incredibly special for both Sonalee and Siddharth as it was their first film as lead actors. The Irada Pakka duo went live on Instagram and shared some of their fondest memories about the film, the fun they had on sets, and revealed some interesting incidents that happened during the shoot.

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Siddharth began the live session by thanking the director Kedar Shinde, the producer Smita Meghe, the music composer Nilesh Moharir and all the cast and crew involved in the making of this film. He confessed that the film is very close to his heart. “When the film was first announced I was excited to do a film. I was excited because I was cast with Sonalee who I had worked with previously. It’s good to see that the film has completed 10 years!”, reacted the actor in joy. Sonalee joined Siddharth in reminiscing about the memories of the film. Speaking about the song Bhijun Gela Vaara, the actress revealed that they had shot the sequence at a picturesque hill station in Nagpur called Chikhaldara. Sonalee confessed that she was suffering from food poisoning during the shoot but continued to work so that they could finish in time. Siddharth also revealed that Bhijun Gela Vaara is his favourite song and has been his caller tune for the last 10 years. He reminded Sonalee how it was actually raining when they were shooting for this romantic number.

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When asked about how they were cast, Siddharth said, “Maybe because Kedar sir had liked our work in Bakula Naamdev Ghotale, he thought of casting us again for Irada Pakka”. Sonalee breaks him off and asks if he remembers where they were when they received the offer for Irada Pakka. Sonalee revealed that both Siddharth and she were shooting for another film. It was Sonalee’s birthday when Kedar had announced that they were a part of the film. “I still remember that Kedar sir had called me up and offered me a role in Irada Pakka as a birthday gift”, says the actress.

Sonalee then revealed that her favourite scene was the one when her character Aadya serves Pohe to Siddharth’s character Rohit. The actress finds this scene funny as they had to fake a fight for the first time in the film. Siddharth agrees but confesses that there was one scene that he found tough. He says, “There was a scene where we fight over dinner. It was one shot and we had to perfect it. I had become extremely conscious during the scene. That’s when Kedar sir came to the rescue. He took me aside and calmed me down. Only then I could do it”. The duo then spoke at length about how they both consider their director Kedar Shinde as a Guru. Interestingly, it was Kedar who had given a break to Sonalee and Siddharth by casting them in Bakula Namdev Ghotale, their debut film.

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