Download The HiPi App And Try These 12 Fun Challenges Right Now

Here are 12 fun challenges including the #Thalaivaa and #SeetiBajaye challenge that you can try on the HiPi App right now.

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HiPi is India’s answer to the recently banned TikTok. This is a short video making and video editing app made for India, by India to bring out the creative side and hidden talents of people from across the country. Now you can not only watch content on ZEE5 but also create content and develop a fanbase of your own. Here are 12 challenges to help you get started and go viral on HiPi.

1. #RishteyMeinTumhareBaap – We all try to imitate our fathers in some way. This challenge is a good excuse to go all out. Record yourself trying to recreate any of your father’s old photographs and match the pose. The video will then cut to a split-screen of your look alongside your father’s original photo. Try out this family-friendly nostalgia trip.

2. #Thalaivaa – This is a tricky and fun challenge that involves a few camera tricks and two people. The main actor will throw a pen from a distance into a pen stand or garbage bin. He then takes goggles and puts them on in typical Rajinikanth style! If you are unfamiliar with the evergreen actor Rajinikanth’s iconic style here’s a quick look.

3. #Myfavdialogue – If you are a Bollywood buff then this challenge is for you. Lipsync to a dialogue that you are assigned and add your own twist to it. You are free to include any person, pet, costume to give this dialogue your unique spin. Show your acting talent with this widely popular challenge.

4. #FitHitChallenge – Everyone during the lockdown is trying to get fit, here’s how you can make your workout viral content. Take the challenge of completing 10 burpees in 40 seconds, and finish before time to become the winner. You can also include a friend or a pet to help you, or even distract you.

5. #KitchenSeBajao – This is a fun challenge to try with your friends or family during the lockdown. You will be given a song with only the vocals and no music. pick utensils from the kitchen to recreate the instrumental music from the song.

6. #SunDownSpotted – While we still remain under lockdown many people usually step out for a short while in the evenings for a breath of fresh air. The idea of this challenge is to help you take a digital detox. This challenge is a timelapse video of the sunset and a chance to show how you spent your time away from your phone screen during the lockdown.

Find out which of your favourite celebs are making the move to HiPi.

7. #playnpause – This is simple but always effective and gets the viewers to smile. The video will have what looks like a normal dance performance but then suddenly the music stops. The performer comes back to check on the music but the music plays again suddenly. When the performer dances again the music stops once more. This will be a fun prank to play on family members who aren’t tech-savvy.

8. #MixAndMask – Masks are going to be a part of our lives for the foreseeable future. Many people have begun matching their outfits to their masks. You can catch on this new fashion trend making DIY masks at home to match different outfits also raising awareness about the importance of wearing masks.

9.  #SeetiBajaaye – This challenge is similar to the #KitchenSeBajaao challenge, but instead of using utensils you must whistle to the songs. This is a fun activity to do with friends and family where even bloopers are equally entertaining.

10. #EggFlip – Another challenge with the potential for funny bloopers. This challenge is to flip an omelette in sync with a song. As the song slows down you will flip the omelette using slow-mo on the app. This will be a fun challenge to try with everyone trying to become chefs during the lockdown.

11. #GoldenHourPose – This is a Photoshoot challenge which will offer tips to viewers on how to get the best photos at home. You can also explore the number of different filters on the app. Don’t forget to show the setup and final product in your video.

12. #MangoLolly – on Lollypop Day, July 20, you can post a DIY video of making mango or orange ice-lollies at home. Mango and orange ice-creams are everyone’s favourite.

Which challenge are you waiting to try? Let us know in the comments below. Click here to register as a content creator on HiPi. Read more about HiPi, India’s best short video creation app, below.