3 Lessons That Your Kid Will Learn From Watching ‘Love U Ganesha’

Love U Ganesha will not only imbibe the traits of Lord Ganesha in your child but also make him consider the Lord his best friend.

Love U Ganesha

The sudden imposition of a nationwide lockdown in India to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus pandemic has thrown the lives of millions of children into chaos. As a result, Indian parents have been using innovative ways to keep their children busy and entertained. And in an attempt to keep the children happy, learning and entertained at home, your favourite streaming platform ZEE5 too has introduced a separate section called ZEE5 Kids, with a wide array of exclusively child-friendly content under one tab.

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ZEE5 has also made much of its content for children free to watch and without any subscription. So, you can now use this opportunity during the lockdown to introduce your child to new content that not only entertains, but also educates. ‘Love U Ganesha’ would be a good start to help your child grow and learn.

The film revolves around Chintu, who is a fifth-grader and having a hard time in his daily life. While he wants to be an achiever, he does not want to do the hard work that it requires. In the film, he’s only seen cribbing, whining and blaming Lord Ganesha for everything that goes wrong in his life. Right from failing in exams to mom’s yelling, he blames everything on God. However, one night Lord Ganesha appears and Chintu is surprised but excited to see Lord Ganesha in his room. When the Lord promises Chintu that he will help him since he considers Chintu his friend, the latter starts to look for shortcuts from God for all his work. However, Lord Ganesha instead guides Chintu towards achieving his goals through intelligence and hard work alone.

Here’re 3 Lessons Your Kid Could Learn From The Film ‘Love U Ganesha’

Love U Ganesha
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No Shortcuts But Hard Work 

When Chintu meets Lord Ganesha, he feels that he can now achieve everything he desired for and that too without working for it. However, the film beautifully showcases how one can’t gain anything without some pain and hard work. Lord Ganesha teaches Chintu that there’re no shortcuts to success but only hard work and a passion to learn could lead us to our goals. He also makes him realise that we all have that ability and all we need is a little determination.


We know how obedience is a very essential habit one should abide to in our homes, workplaces and communities. And when Chintu, who scores bad grades in school and hides it from his mother, back answers her when she finds out what he did, we wanted to tell him that he who is at fault. However, Lord Ganesha teaches Chintu how obeying his elders will only display his wisdom and intelligence and how it will turn out to be the key to his success.


If you want your child to lead a fulfilling and free life then it is important for your kid to imbibe this quality as it will only help your kid to live a more authentic life. Even in the film, Lord Ganesha, by giving him beautiful examples, teaches Chintu that he should not take the help of lies to escape a situation but tell the truth even if he is too afraid to do so. And through this film, you could also teach your child how honesty is also one of the keys to success as it helps breed trust in a relationship.

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