3 Places In Bengal That Are Famous For Their Dol Jatra Celebrations

From dressing up in colourful attires to special poojas held during the festival season, here are different places where Holi is celebrated in Bengal.

1. Shantiniketan

Viswabharati Holi
(Source: Wikipedia Commons)

Holi, the festival of colours, is often associated with various colours of life. Be it joy, happiness, excitement, surprise, sadness — everything is believed to be connected with a colour. Celebrated as a victory of good over evil, the festival of colours as it is famously known holds its position as a favourite festival for people of all age groups. While we used to the common way of celebrating Holi, there are many places in the country that have a rather unique approach when it comes to enjoying this festival. But if you are in Bengal, here are three places that celebrate the festival in a different way.

Shantiniketan follows the tradition of Basant Utsav which was introduced by Kabiguru Rabindranath Tagore. Students of Visva-Bharati University, set up by him, dressing up in colours of the spring, everyone is filled with vigour and excitement as they gear up for the huge cultural extravaganza which visitors can also watch. Abir flies all over the place as Shantiniketan plays dol

2. Purulia

Chhau Dancers of Purulia
Source: Wikimedia Commons

While many places around the country just celebrate Holi as a single-day event, the people at Purulia have always been an exception. The festival is celebrated as a three-day-long festival called Basanta Utsava. This festival which begins before the actual festival of Holi is a much-awaited festival in Purulia. From folk songs to exhibiting their unique folk art, the festival marks a very special occasion for the locals and visitors alike. Witness the various forms of folk dance such as Chau, Darbari Jhumur, etc. along with folk singers ready to entertain you throughout the celebration.

3. Mayapur

Source: commons.wikimedia.org

Unlike the other places, where Holi is celebrated with a dash of colour and fun, Mayapur has always been an exception. The Basanta Utsav conducted in Mayapur is a celebratory function where many people from all around the world come for the various events that take place. Be a part of such a special event as you visit Mayapur, this Holi.

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