3 Reasons Why Police Diary 2.0’s SP Vishwanath Is The Best Boss

Find out why we think Vishwanath of Police Diary 2.0 is a great boss.


If you’re wondering who the perfect boss is, it’s someone who gives you challenges every day, someone who trusts your capabilities and only pushes you to be better with your job. Superintendent of Police Vishwanathan, played by Vincent Ashokan, is one of those bosses who also become your role model eventually. Vishwanathan is highly experienced and knows the strengths and weaknesses of his team. He heads both the squads and handles it perfectly well.

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Here’s why we think Vishwanathan is the kind of boss you wish for.

He trusts you completely

Vishwanathan has complete trust in his entire team. He does not have doubts and never condescends a single person in his team. He lets his team take their own decisions and is always available when they need his advise on cases. He knows the strengths and weaknesses of every police officer in the team.

Can take a bullet for the team

He is not someone who would succumb to pressures from the higher officials. He is experienced in what he does and lets his team make the most of his own experience. He does not stop his team from exploring certain angles in a case just because his senior might not want them to.

An inspiring role model

Working with a boss whom you can look up to and learn a lot from makes you love your job even more. Vishwanath has achieved a lot in his career. He is very approachable and has the kind of demeanor that makes you take him seriously. He is a role model to half of his squad and for all the right reasons. He knows just how to keep his team motivated and his experience in his entire career is so impressive that he becomes your role model.

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