3 Romantic And Easy-Breezy Hairstyles To Help You Look Dreamy On Your Valentine’s Day Date

We’ve compiled three beautiful hairstyles that are easy and will look perfect for your Valentine’s Day date. Check them out here.

Romantic braids for Valentine's Day date

Valentine’s Day fever has begun and we are only two days away from it. As you celebrate love, we celebrate 2xthelove since it also marks the second anniversary of ZEE5. Clearly, since love is in the air, you should be revelling in joy by not just celebrating with your loved ones but also by dressing up for yourself! Well, who wouldn’t like to look pretty on this special day, right?

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We already gave you some style inspirations to draw from some of Zee Tamil’s favourite celebrities. Now, we have got the best three hairstyles that would add more panache to your look and make you feel super confident! The best thing about these styles is that they wouldn’t take a lot of your time and will look and feel effortless.

Romantic braids

Romantic braids help provide an easy-breezy vibe to your look. This hairdo is easy to pull off and goes well with any ensemble that you pick for your date. So don’t think twice and simply pick this hairstyle!

Waterfall braids

Braids make for the best looks, especially when you’re planning to step out for a date. In fact, if you want your gorgeous locks to cascade down your shoulders. pick this hairstyle. Sure, it is a little tough but when you ace it, you’ll be a sight for sore eyes!

Side-braid with a high ponytail


If being romantic and playful at the same time is a look you’re opting for, you should try the side braid and a high ponytail. We do recommend that you pair it up with a cute skirt and a flowy top, to bring out the best of the look.

If you are looking for a quick fix solution for a bad hair day just before a date, then check out this video.

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