3 Songs From The ZEE5 Original Series Judgement Day That You Need To Add To Your Playlist

Along with an interesting storyline, the ZEE5 Original series has a list of amazing songs too! Details inside.

1. Judgement Day - Title Track

Judgement Day, the latest ZEE5 Original Series, has caught the attention of the audience with its nail-biting thriller scenes and amazing story flow. The series features Sohini Sarkar, Madhumita Sarcar, Abhishek Singh, Kaushik Sen and Mainak Banerjee in the lead roles. It follows the story of Diya and Hiya, two sisters from the city of Shillong, who move to Kolkata. However, Hiya becomes a victim of sexual assault and is killed. Diya, the usually easy-going and silent sister, begins her fight for justice. With the support of the ACP of police, Javed Khan, she tries to collect the proof necessary to prove the culprits guilty.

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However, the one unique feature of this bilingual series is the music. Along with the interesting storyline, the creators have managed to include live music performances in the series. While not taking the route of a normal background music score, the show uses the music to its advantage.

The first example of this is the title track of the series. Sung by rockstar Rupam Islam, the song manages to give the right vibes. With a guitar riff and the chorus of the song leave the viewers head-banging to it. The lyrics manage to spell out the intensity of the story. Watch it now.

2. Yeh Jahan Tere Liye

This song sung by the Aditi Paul captures the rebellious side of the lead character, Hiya. It acts as the introduction scene for the actor in the series. With a peppy musical score and catchy lyrics, the song manages to win us over with its addictive and wild energy of the performers. Madhumita Sarcar’s performance in this song is highly commendable. Check it out.

3. Dil Pankh Ban Ja

This romantic track sung by Aditi Paul and Ishan Mitra captures the love between Mac and Hiya. Along with the beautiful sceneries from the beautiful city of Shillong, the song portrays the feeling we tend to experience during a new relationship. From cute moments to beautiful memories, the video focuses on every such aspect one would go through. Don’t miss this romantic duet.

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