3 Spectacular Films Featuring Arpita Chatterjee You Need To Watch This Weekend

One of the most sophisticated actors of our time, Arpita Chatterjee shines in this list of films that you must watch.

1. Dutta Vs Dutta

Arpita Chatterjee, (known as Arpita Pal before marrying superstar Prosenjit), has firmly established herself as one of the ace actors in today’s film industry. She made her film debut with Tumi Ele Tai in 1999, and has since come a long way, having acted in a host of films including Deva and Anupama. Today, we take a look at three of her most prominent ones that are indeed a must-watch!

Dutta Vs Dutta is a 2012 film directed by Anjan Dutt, and stars him alongside Arpita Chatterjee, Ronodeep Bose and Roopa Ganguly. It is about Biren Dutta, an unsuccessful lawyer who lives a tame existence with his family, until one day when his daughter elopes with a man involved in Naxalite activities. His son aspires to be an actor whereas Biren wants him to pursue law like himself. Will he be able to resolve things with his children and find peace in his life? Find out in this interesting drama about human nature.

2. Force

There are many reasons to make sure to watch Force, not least because of the phenomenal star cast it boasts of. Both Prosenjit and Arpita Chatterjee play lead characters in this film also made in 2012 by Raja Chanda. Prosenjit essays the role of Arjun, an encounter specialist with an affinity for nabbing all the criminals, in this action drama. However, the film focuses on his relationship with his son who is autistic and poignantly captures their beautiful relationship. Both Prosenjit and Arpita Chatterjee deliver groundbreaking performances, which will definitely move you.

3. Amar Artanad

Last and most certainly not the least, everyone must watch Amar Artanad, the 2020 drama directed by Sujit Paul. Starring icons like Soumitra Chatterjee, Manoj Mitra and of course, Arpita Chatterjee in the lead roles, the film addresses a pivotal issue prevalent in society even today– how dangerous life can be for women. Arpita Chatterjee plays a lawyer whose purpose is to strive for justice. One fateful day, a traumatic incident rocks the life of a young girl who gets sexually abused in school, and she takes up the case which proves to be a mountain of a challenge in several ways. It also serves as an extremely rude awakening to social perspectives when it comes to cases regarding women, such as victim-blaming and shaming, while washing off any responsibility to help them.

Amar Artanad is truly eye-opening and conveys an invaluably powerful message that is highly relevant today. For this reason, it is one of the landmark movies of the year– one that you absolutely cannot miss.

Which of these films with Arpita Chatterjee are you going to watch first? Let us know in the comments below.

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