3 Immune-Boosting Recipes That You Can Make At Home Inspired By Rachita Ram

Wondering what to eat while you’re at home? Here’s what you should have to keep healthy during your stay in.

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If you’re wondering how to stay healthy and keep fit during these trying times at home, here are three fun recipes with tasty immunity-boosting vegetables that you can make inspired by our favourite actress- Rachita Ram. She recently put up a list of all the fruits, vegetables and nuts that you must consume on a regular basis. Not only are they exceptionally healthy, but they are also tasty to eat!

Take a look.

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

Beetroot Muhamaraha Dip

Take some boiled beetroots, onions and walnut. Now add some pomegranate juice along with a tablespoon of cayenne pepper. Add some salt and finally some bread crumbs, lime juice and olive oil. To this, add some water to get a balanced consistency. Finally, put them all in a blender and blend them until it becomes a paste. Move the blended paste to a bowl. Top it off with some olive oil and remaining walnuts and your dip is ready! Serve it with lavash. Not only is this healthy but can also be stored in the fridge for days.

Crispy Paneer-Capsicum Pakode

Cut paneer and capsicum into small pieces. Add some pudina chutney on the paneer and sandwich it between capsicum. Leave it aside. To make the batter, take corn starch, baking soda, salt, turmeric, red chilli powder, green chilli powder, lime juice and a little oil and mix them all. Add water to that and mix well again. Now, heat up some oil in which the paneer will be fried. Once the oil is hot, put the paneer that is sandwiched between capsicum and fry it in oil. To make the masala, mix chaat masala and red chilli powder and sprinkle the masala on the pakodas.

Twisted Lime Juice

Not only is lime juice refreshing but also the ultimate go-to drink! Here’s an interesting way to make your lime juice. Cut two lemons into 4 pieces. Now squeeze one lime into a cup and then put the other lime into the cup. Add some salt, black salt, pudding leaves and chilli and mix them all. Now add some water and some powdered sugar. Finally, add some ice. Mix them all together. Now take another glass and add some ice and pudina leaves in it and then pour the lime juice from the other cup. Top it off with some soda and your drink is ready!

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