4 Bollywood Movies Like NH10, That Took A Stand Against Honour Killing

Films like Dhadak and NH10 that show the consequences of honour killing and why we need to put an end to this practice.

Films On ZEE5 That Give A Social Message Against Honor Killing

Source: ZEE

Even when the women are making breakthroughs in every possible sector including aerospace, radioactivity, media, and real estate, in the core of patriarchy they are still being burnt alive, beheaded, and killed for choosing their grooms and deciding who they would spend their lives with. Honour killing is a social drawback and a hindrance to the growth of women in society. Even in the educated and high-class structure, honour killing is practised as much as it is prevalent in rural backgrounds. To root out this social evil, women need to be stronger and the law must protect them. These films on ZEE5 show what are the consequences of honour killing and why we need to put an end to this practice.

1. NH10

The film starring Anushka Sharma and Neil Bhoopalam revolves around a headstrong corporate Meera (Anushka). Meera and Arjun, her husband, set out for a long drive from Delhi to their native place. But they wait for refreshments and come across some rowdy villagers beating up a girl. Meera tries to interfere but they push her aside. On the way ahead, Meera and Arjun’s car falters and fate awaits them. The story spins into the night in which Meera fights off the crass men who try to murder and rape her for intruding in their personal matter!

2. Dhadak

Janhvi Kapoor and Ishaan Khatter’s debut film, Dhadak is a remake of Marathi film Sairat. Based in Rajasthan, the story is of Parthavi, who belongs to a higher class but falls in love with a lower-caste boy, Madhu. Parthavi’s father and brothers oppose this match but the couple elope. Madhu and Parthavi make a small world of their own away from everyone, but does their happiness live on forever?

3. Sairat

The film is exactly like Karan Johar’s Dhadak. The only difference being Sairat is the original film and has a rural background. The film is all about Archi and her boyfriend Parshya who fall in love unexpectedly and have to suffer due to their social positions. They run away and begin anew, but Archi’s brother finds out about them and pays them a visit. What follows after that, is shocking.

4. Aakrosh

When a student group visits the jungle and three of the students go missing, the case is no more just a college drama. The movie begins with some references to some honour killings reported in the media. This film has deeper and darker secrets to be unveiled. The film also has a strong social message in the form of college students and kidnapping.

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