4 Easy Ways To Tell Whether You Are A Beach Person Or A Mountain Person

Here are four signs that will help you figure out the answer to this question. Read more.

1. Journey versus Destination

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The hit ZEE5 Original film, Daab Chingri, takes us on a nostalgia trip. It talks about an old age home where the residents make and deliver home-cooked food to meet their expenses. However, with a corporate wanting to buy them off, things begin tumbling down. Starring Shaheb Battacherjee and Ishaa Saha in the lead roles, the movie left a mark on our hearts. Right from proving his mettle with his acting skills, Shaheb Bhattacherjee is also applauded for his unique personality. The actor is also an avid traveller. Recently, he posted a picture of his travels in the hills, writing: “Great things are done when MAN and Mountains meet…” Clearly, he is a mountain person. Just like him, we have our choices too. Some of us love the beach, while yet others love the mountains. Which is you? Here are four easy ways to figure while you watch Daab Chingri below.

If you are a fan of the journey or if you like the whole process of reaching a destination, then your interests lean towards the mountains. People who like trekking, hiking, and other mountain-related activities love the whole journey, while beach-people are known to enjoy the destination rather than the process. This simple difference can help you figure your interest easily.

2. What do you desire?

Laitlum Canyons
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The choice of beach or mountain also depends on what you tend to focus on. For people who love to challenge themselves, mountains are an ideal choice for a vacation. However, people who desire peaceful results are more prone to beaches.

3. Introvert versus Extrovert

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According to a study, it has been proven that personality is also a factor that is accounted for in making a decision. Introverts who enjoy solidarity tend to choose the mountain regions. Whereas, extroverts, who like to enjoy the company of others end up choosing beaches.

4. Organised versus Spontaneous

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People who tend to be meticulous when packing or doing things in life are inclined to pick mountains when they choose a travel destination. People who are spontaneous and impulsive usually enjoy a vacation at the beach.

These simple aspects show how our personality and our preferences for a holiday can vary. What would you choose? Tell us in the comments section below.

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