#4 Funny Moments From Vishnu Unnikrishnan’s Comedy Movie Children’s Park Worth A Re-Watch

Vishnu Unnikrishnan, Dhruvan and Sharaffudheen from Children’s Park presents you with the best moments to LOL! Scroll down to read more!

Children's Park

Who doesn’t love Vishnu Unnikrishnan’s rib-tickling comedy moments in his movies! Children’s Park is one such laughter riot from Vishnu Unnikrishnan, to have the best of fun with your family. The all-out entertainer also features Dhruvan and Sharaffudheen in lead roles. Children’s Park tells the story of three wayward youngsters — Rishi (Dhruvan), Jerry (Vishnu Unnikrishnan) and Lenin (Sharafudheen). The trio embarks on a journey to make big money as they reopen an institution. The story develops as they find themselves to be involved in a conspiracy, bigger than what they were prepared for.

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Children’s Park is a laughter riot that is sure to entertain viewers of all ages. Here are some of the funniest moments from the movie, that is surely going to make you gasp for air from laughing:
#1 That Friend With The Bad Ideas

Vishnu Unnikrishnan as Jerry (source: ZEE5)
Vishnu Unnikrishnan as Jerry (source: ZEE5)

Vishnu Unnikrishnan as Jerry in Children’s Park makes us all gasping for air with his many funny combo-scenes with Dhruvan. Rishi (Dhruvan), a youngster hailing from a rich family, asks his best buddy Jerry (Vishnu Unnikrishnan) for advice as he is tired of his father’s leash on him. Hearing Jerry’s advice, Rishi initially files a case against his own father and then runs away to Mumbai. The funniest scene is when Rishi comes back to meet Jerry.as a bigger loser as he loses the case against his father.

#2 When Foodies Run Hotels

The funniest hotel owners (source:ZEE5)
The funniest hotel owners (Source: ZEE5)

One of the best comedy scenes from Children’s Park is when Jerry’s (Vishnu Unnikrishnan) request for food gets constantly rejected by a tea shop manager as he says that the food in the display is for him. He requests the cook for the same but unfortunately, he also turns out to be making food for himself. The tea shop scene from the movie became a viral hit on the internet for Noby and Vishnu Unnikrishnan’s quirky comebacks on-screen.

#3 Return Of The Prodigal Son

Dhruvan as Rishi (source:ZEE5)
Dhruvan as Rishi (Source: ZEE5)

Rishi (Dhruvan), returning from exile, gave the audience some of the best moments to laugh in Children’s Park. When we all are expecting a thunderous return from the prodigal son, like the ones we have seen in mainstream movies, Dhruvan returns to his house looking like a homeless man. He tells Jerry how his idea failed like before and he was cleaning plates in a hotel in Mumbai. Rishi and Jerry (Dhruvan and Vishnu Unnikrishnan) give us plenty to laugh about throughout the film with their amazing on-screen chemistry.

#4 A Will To Solve All Problems

The will leaves Rishi with nothing (source:ZEE5)
The will leave Rishi with nothing (source: ZEE5)

Jerry (Vishnu Unnikrishnan) tells Rishi (Dhruvan) that his problems are solved as his father’s death will make him the sole owner of all the properties. Rishi fights with his sisters over the properties as he is sure of his father leaving him with a lot in the will. Things take a quick turn when Rishi finds out that his father gave away his share of properties to an orphanage, leaving him with absolutely nothing. The funniest moment is when Rishi and Jerry go back to beg of the sisters to give him something to live on.

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