4 Reasons To Watch Amey Wagh’s Faster Fene This Weekend

It's time to take a break from everyday monotony and watch this movie with a large tub of popcorn.

Faster Fene poster featuring Amey Wagh.

If you have grown up reading detective novels, Faster Fene is a treat for you. While playing Banesh Fene in the film on ZEE5, Amey Wagh made our famous Marathi literature detective come to life. His performance in the movie kept us hooked for hours.

Obviously, with this impressive bio, you must watch Faster Fene below:

If you are still contemplating watching it, here are the reasons why you should give this crime thriller a shot!

1. Star Cast

The film goes all out with the power-packed star cast. Our Faster Fene, Amey Wagh, known for his stellar performance in Muramba, too; while Parna Pethe is seen in many Marathi movies including Photocopy, Rama Jadhav and YZ. They are accompanied by Marathi industry’s top actor, Dilip Prabhavalkar and the fame of Half Ticket, Shubham More.

2. Inspirational

Viewers love Fene’s motivation towards helping people and animals around him. He does so without expecting anything in return. He also champions his love for nature through the movie. I also liked when BR Bhagwat takes Bhu Bhu under his wing and giving a chance for a better life. We need more people like this in real life.

3. Books 

If you have grown up reading the adventures of Banesh Fene through the books of BR Bhagwat, then it’s time to see your imagination turned into reality. Director, Aditya Sarpotdar does an excellent job with it.

4. Thrilling

When it comes to a thriller, it is hard to keep a movie thrilling and full of twists. But, director and the entire star cast do a fabulous job. You are kept at the edge of your seat the whole time. Guess what? The suspense is totally worth it. Amey Wagh does justice to this famous fictional character. Along with him, Girish Kulkarni, who plays Appa, sends chills with his laughter. The background helps a lot in keeping the thrill going.

After you are done binging on the film, tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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