4 Scariest Horror Movies That You Can Watch On ZEE5 This Weekend

Nothing beats some good old bhooter cinema. We got you a binge-watch list.

1. Bhengchi

A scene from Bhengchi (Source: ZEE5)

The weekend is here! From binge-watching ZEE5 Original Series to watching movies of your choice, there are plenty of things that you can do. And if you are craving for some ghost stories for a late-night horror movie run, we have just the list drawn up for you. Here is a list of amazing horror movies on ZEE5 that can keep you entertained this weekend.

Bhengchi focuses on the life of the hero, Anirban. He marries Malabika. However, their marriage is short-lived. He falls in love with young Aleya post the death of his wife. But his past seems to catch up and the story of his wife’s death is now being questioned. What happened? Who killed her? Watch this movie to find out.

2. Bonolota

A scene from Bonolota (Source: ZEE5)

Featuring Sushmita Dey, Debdut Ghosh and Soumyo Mukherjee, Bonolota shows the life of a newly-married couple who are going for their honeymoon. While they plan to have a gala time, something unexpected happens. Will they ever be able to be happy again? That is what we all will have to find out.

3. Bancharamer Bagan Bari

A scene from Bancharamer Bagan Bari (Source: ZEE5)

The story of this movie revolves around Bancharam and his garden house which many believe is haunted. After losing his wife and younger daughter in a car accident, he was in shock. Taking advantage of his helpless situation, his other two daughters plot against him along with their spouses with an intention to inherit the garden house. What happens next forms the whole story of Bancharamer Bagan Bari.

4. Ekti Bangali Bhooter Goppo

A scene from Ekti Bangali Bhooter Golpo (Source: ZEE5)

The movie focuses on the life of a woman (played by Jaya Ahsan) who is unhappy in her married life. After some time, her husband dies. While the wife now seems to be happy, she is haunted by the ghost of her late husband. Why is the ghost haunting her? Figure it out as you watch Ekti Bangali Bhooter Golpo.

Get your popcorn ready and enjoy these nail-biting horror stories with your friends or family this weekend. If you are a fan of thriller or action movies, you can watch your favourite movies on ZEE5 now.