#4 Scenes From The Unni Mukundan Movie Ira That Are Totally Worth Re-Watching

Unni Mukundan’s Malayalam thriller movie Ira features some of the most intense moments for you to enjoy. Here are our best #4 picks!

A still from Ira (source:ZEE5)

Featuring Unni Mukundan and Gokul Suresh in the lead, Malayalam movie Ira tells the story of an investigation led by a young police officer to solve a dark conspiracy. With its thrilling narrative and enthralling fight sequences, Unni Mukundan’s Ira is surely going to leave you on the edge of your seats. Directed by Saiju S.S, Ira also features Gokul Suresh, Lena, Miya George and Alancier Lopez in the lead roles. For those of you who enjoyed Ira, here are our favourite four best scenes from the movie.

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#1 Unni Mukundan aka Rajeev’s Introduction

Rajeev's introduction (Source:ZEE5)
Rajeev’s introduction (Source: ZEE5)

As the sensational murder of Minister K.P Chandi leaves the state in political turmoil, the cabinet appoints a new investigating officer for the case. Clad in black Shabarimala attire, Rajeev (Unni Mukundan) shows up in front of the station. The police officers are confused about seeing a young man arriving from Sabarimala, while they were actually waiting for a police officer. Unni Mukundan gives us all goosebumps when he introduces himself as the investigating officer Rajeev in front of the corrupt cops.

#2 Gokul Suresh As Doctor Aryan

Gokul Suresh as Dr.Aryan(source:ZEE5)
Gokul Suresh as Dr.Aryan ( source: ZEE5)

When Doctor Aryan aka Gokul Suresh is introduced at the multi-speciality hospital in Ira, he turns all eyes with his charm. Several of his colleagues even flirts with him for his adorable nature. Gokul Suresh even gives us some of the quirkiest moments with his combo scenes with Alanceir Lopez in the introduction scenes. The funniest was when Dr Aryan (Gokul Suresh) is mistaken for a patient by his colleague at the hospital.

#3 Meeting The Mysterious Vaigha

Rajeev meets Vaigha (source:ZEE5)
Rajeev meets Vaigha (Source: ZEE5)

When Rajeev (Unni Mukundan) hears the news of a mysterious woman named Karthika (Miya George) helping the tribal families, he tries to find out her real identity. Karthika hides her real identity and introduces herself as a tribal girl helping the families. After following the clues from her, Rajeev finds out that she is none other than the missing journalist Vaigha Devi. Together, the two unfold a mysterious drug operation in the jungle funded by Minister Chandi (Alancier Lopez).

#4 Rajeev And Aryan Unite To Take Revenge

Rajeev meets Vaigha (source:ZEE5)
Rajeev meets Vaigha (Source: ZEE5)

Spoiler alert!! The climax scenes of the movie excite the audience like never before. It is revealed that Aryan (Gokul Suresh) was actually the one behind Chandi’s murder as the goons follow him. Rajeev shows up there to rescue Aryan and gives us an action-packed fight scene from the two. We were all thrilled in the end to know that Aryan and Rajeev (Unni Mukundan and Gokul Suresh) were working together from the beginning to kill the corrupt Chandi.

So which was your favourite scene from the Unni Mukundan movie Ira? Tell us in the comments below!

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