4 Things To Remember When You Are Pregnant Like Shesh Theke Shuru Star Koel Mallick

Expecting a new member in the family? Learn about these important things that you need to pay attention to during pregnancy. Details inside.

1. Be regular to health checkups

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The lead actor of the movie Shesh Theke Shuru, Koel Mallick is expecting and she recently shared the good news with all her fans. The Bengali actor is not one to shy away from talking about things that are usually considered as taboo for an actor and she did the same for her pregnancy as well. She posted pictures on Instagram proudly flaunting her pregnancy. Watch her in the movie now on ZEE5.

If you are an expecting mother as well, here are four things you should know about.

As a pregnant mother, the first thing you should focus on is to not miss a single prenatal checkup. Every health checkup is important for the mother and child, as even an unnoticed complication can lead to issues later in pregnancy.

2. Learn about pregnancy

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Pregnancy is not an easy task. New mothers face a lot of uneasiness throughout the period of time. Being aware of the health conditions and discomforts can help you be prepared for everything. Knowing what to eat and what not to eat, the required nutrients etc. can help you reduce your discomforts.

3. The importance of vaccines

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It is very crucial to stay up-to-date about the vaccination shots you will have to take during this period. All the vaccinations help you build up immunity for yourself so as to prevent you from falling sick. Many diseases during this time can harm your child, therefore, it is necessary to get all the vaccines.

4. Exercise regularly

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Childbirth is considered a demanding process that requires a lot of energy. An exercise routine helps in comforting the mother during the stages of pregnancy. Most exercises are aimed at strengthening your muscles to endure pregnancy pains. Therefore, it is necessary to be healthy enough to withstand the various stages of labour.

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