4 Ways To Plan A Bachelor Party For Your Friend Just Like In ZEE5 Original Series Mafia

Prepare the best send-off party for your friend before they get married! We got you some ways to do this, like in the thrilling new show Mafia.

The ZEE5 Original series Mafia directed by Birsa Dasgupta is a thriller series that revolves around a gang of six friends who reunite for a bachelor party. Starring actors like Namit Das, Tanmay Dhanania, Ishaa M Saha, and Anindita Bose, Mafia is a highly riveting and action-packed watch! If you have a friend who is about to get married just like these characters, you need to throw a bachelor party for them! Nothing beats a good bachelor bash before the grand wedding, so here is how you can plan one. Read on!

Watch the trailer for Mafia below:

1. Talk To Your Friend First

Source: ZEE5

When planning a bachelor party for the bride or groom, it is of utmost importance to get their inputs. While you may want to give your friend a surprise, you want it to be a welcome one! Consult them to find out what sort of party scene they prefer for their bachelor party. What are the activities that they will enjoy? Should you hire dancers? Does there have to be a swimming pool? Who are the guests that they want to invite? Do your research thoroughly. This is the first and foremost step.

2. Draw Up The Guest List

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After you have a clear idea of what the bride or groom wants in their bachelor party, create the list of guests to invite. This is crucial, as much depends on who your friend wants at the party. So make sure to include the right people, and exclude the wrong ones! (It’s not as tricky as it sounds once you do the groundwork.)

3. Be Mindful Of The Budget

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Be clear on who is in charge of paying for what. No one wants a huge bill that they were not prepared for to be sprung upon them– especially at a bachelor party! Make sure that everyone involved is okay with the budget, and it is within their means. Agree on this aspect before you plan, so everyone is prepared accordingly and there are no nasty shocks in store for anyone.

4. Select The Right Location

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Now that you have a good idea of what kind of bachelor party your friend would like to have, it becomes easier to choose the right place to have it in! Pick a destination where you can include all the activities and guests that your friend wants, and falls within the budget. There are lots of weekend getaway options both in and around India that would fit the bill perfectly! You can go to a sunny beach in Goa, an exotic party location like Las Vegas in the US, or you can have it right there in your hometown! Select one that suits the plan, and get ready to have a total blast; Well, yes, once the lockdown is over and we are done fighting this pandemic! But till then what’s the harm in planning right?

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