4 ZEE5 Original Sensational Shows That You Cannot Stop Binge Watching

They are high on drama, romance, action and full-on entertainment. Here are some of the most rivettng series that will leave you wanting for more

Gods Of Dharmapuri

GOD Poster
GOD Poster

Over the last few years, digital content has taken over the lives of people around the globe. The West has been bringing out brilliant content for quite some time now. But that being said, we are no longer lagging behind. 2019 proved to the world that content from the regional markets, too, can stand up to their standards. And now that we are talking about the digital shows that made a mark for Telugu audiences, we must name a few.

While naming these few shows, it would be almost a sin to start without naming Anish Kuruvilla’s gangster-family drama titled Gods of Dharmapuri. This show revolves around the succession in the battle for power and greed for more. Where it is land a humble small family in Dharmapuri? Find out the answers if you haven’t already. Watch the ten-episode show here.

High Priestess

A Still from High Priestess ft. Amala Akkineni
A Still from High Priestess ft. Amala Akkineni (Source: ZEE5)

Popular Tollywood icon, Amala Akkineni made her digital debut and a leading role comeback with the ZEE5 original show High Priestess. Directed by the actor’s close fried, Pushpa Ignatius, this show encircles the ‘other’ world that exists among ours. Talking to forgotten spirit, tarot cards, giving people (dead and alive) a closure and many more newer concepts have been explored in this show. Watch the eight episode show here.


Suresh With Shailaja In ZEE5 Original Kailasapuram
Suresh With Shailaja In ZEE5 Original Kailasapuram (Source: ZEE5)

Based on true incidents that occurred in a small village near Araku, Kailasapuram is a gripping tale of the lesser-spoken societal evil.  The show is about a bunch of youngsters who find themselves drowning deeper in drugs and drug peddling. With each passing episode, the show reveals many secrets and introduces more storylines. If you enjoy sitting back and decoding a show, Kailasapuram will be the perfect fit. Watch the six-episode show here.


Hawala First Look
Hawala First Look

If you enjoy a good crime-thriller, love cricket and are intrigued by the world of cricket-betting, Hawala is a must-watch. This show is directed by first-time director, Kowshik Bheemidi. With two couples at the forefront, the story exposes many unknown facts of the Hawala process. Taking the audiences on an interesting ride, the show explores greed and need for money. Watch the six-episode show here.

How many ZEE5 Telugu Original shows have you seen? Do you feel proud yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Check out more sensational stories on the platform here.