40 Years Of Karz: A Reincarnation Story We Loved, A Hero That Will Never Be Forgotten

Directed by Subhash Ghai, along with powerful performances by Rishi Kapoor and Simi Garewal, the film is an iconic watch.

Rishi Kapoors still from Karz

As we celebrate forty years of this gigantic successful film by Subhash Ghai, starring the brilliant Late, Rishi Kapoor and the gorgeous Simi Garewal, This month that year a marvellous story and a timeless classic called “Karz” released. It was not only poignant but it reached fans and hearts across the world.

“Karz” stands out because of Subhash Ghai’s persistence to not fall for the double-role statute and cast different actors for the born again theme. Ghai maintains that it was the first film where he got full creative control over the subject and that allowed him to take the exemption. It cost him in terms of box office numbers because initially many could not get the point why Rishi Kapoor is fighting for Raj Kiran’s cause but over the years the film has arisen as a classic in the masala segment.

The film is an interesting tale of revenge that is incredibly well-told. When the images of deity Kali are juxtaposed against those of a guitar-strumming hero, when a jeep with a red heart announcing ‘just married’ is used to flatten love, you know it is a skirmish of worlds. The core of the film is the scene where Ravi’s (Raj Kiran) mother played by Durga Khote identifies him in the body of Monty (Rishi Kapoor).

It is the scene where reasoning evaporates and faith seeps in unannounced. But Karz caters brilliantly to Indian sentiments, the belief in reincarnations and that is also one of the reasons besides the brilliant performances by the actors, that made the film widely popular. It was not only a triumph of Hindi cinema with such exuberant writing and stellar performances but it was everyone singing together with the iconic “Om Shanti Om” that ruled every house when the film released. Rishi Kapoor is most remembered and loved for his character, Monty that he played in the film and while we still mourn the loss of the iconic actor here are few of the most famous dialogues of the movie that will take us back in time.

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