5 All-Time Favourite Bengali Hits To Add To Your Playlist On World Music Day

It's time to celebrate music! We got you a list of songs like Stor and Ekta Mon to do justice to this very special occasion. Play them on repeat!

1. Stor

Every year on June 21, we celebrate World Music Day to honour the wonderful medium of expression of music that we have at our disposal. Music has the power to touch our souls, lift us up and transcend the ordinary. Here’s a playlist for you with all-time favourite Bengali songs that are sure to help you do just this. Enjoy!

This classic number by the one and only Rupam Islam features actor Ipsita Bhattacharjee in the music video. With a catchy melody and a heartrending portrayal of the character’s life and turmoil, the video is a must watch! The actor, who seems to fall prey to all kinds of vices, begins to question herself. Her entire journey of self-discovery is captured in this song.

2. Ekta Mon

Ekta Mon from the movie Shonar Pahar directed by  Parambrata Chattopadhyay, which stars Tanuja Mukherjee, Jisshu SenguptaSoumitra Chatterjee, and Parambrata, is a beautiful song sung by the evergreen Anupam Roy. He has sung Ekta Mon in his signature style, which will evoke nostalgia and sentiment while making you happy and wistful all at the same time, on this World Music Day.

3. Nosto Somoy

An upbeat number from the film Shlilotahanir Pore sung by Shilajit Majumder, Nosto Somoy has a groovy rock vibe that will cheer you up immediately. The video features actors Devlina Kumar, Moubani Sarkar, and Sreela Majumdar, who appear in the movie.

4. Aye Khuda

Aye Khuda is a number from the movie Password, starring the real-life couple Dev and Rukmini Maitra. Their sizzling chemistry is apparent in the video, with lots of action sequences by Dev, and the song is a powerful and soulful one. It yearns for one’s lover, with the refrain asking for ‘heaven to be returned.’ Although slightly melancholy, you are bound to enjoy this song thoroughly!

5. Sohag Chand

Sohag Chand is a popular and upbeat folk song that many of us are familiar with and love dancing to. This music video, from the movie 17th September, is perfect to put on for this occasion! Sung by Rupankar Bagchi, actors Soham Chakraborty and Arunima Ghosh appear in the video.

Which of these all time favourite tracks did you enjoy the most for World Music Day? Let us know in the comments below!

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