5 Atrangi Reasons Why ZEE5 Original Bhalla Calling Bhalla Is A Lockdown Depression Buster

Bhalla Calling Bhalla has been shot entirely indoors. The concept is that Bhallas are staying far from each other & are unable to meet during lockdown

Bhallas Are Atrangi People And This Is Why!

Bhalla Calling Bhalla is one of the Lockdown special ZEE5 Originals that has been shot entirely indoors. The actors and the crew including production have been done right from home! The concept of the show is that a huge family (Bhallas) are staying far from each other and are unable to meet due to the lockdown. The series of episodes that follow are all about the ups and downs that each member of the family faces. But in spite of it, the family stays in touch with each other.

1. Stay Connected

The show is a lockdown depression buster. Especially if you are staying alone and away from your family. This show can help the smile bring back to your face! Firstly, because the Bhallas teach us how to stay connected! They keep calling each other at regular intervals and this is a very good routine to follow, right?

2. Talking To Your Loved Ones

The show also talks about how it is important to talk to your loved ones! Mrs. Bhalla keeps checking on Sahil and Lovely. She also asks them about their routines and whereabouts. This is a reminder for all of us to call up our family and ask them for help (maybe with that recipe you are stuck upon).

3. Entertaining

The Bhalla’s are solving their own problems but they are simultaneously solving ours as well! When Sahil, Lovely, and Mr. Bhalla are stuck and ask Mrs. Bhalla for help, we all learn something from it! Just like how to cook, the precautions that we must take, and more so! They also entertain us and of course, we don’t have to think about how to spend the next hour (Binge watch Bhalla Calling Bhalla!)

4. Laughter Is The Best Medicine

The Bhallas are funny and witty! Gogi sure is, Gaurav Gera’s character is winning hearts and you must watch an episode of the show to know why!

5. We Are All Sailing In The Same Boat

The show is also a gentle reminder of how we are all sailing in the same boat. We need not worry or be afraid because we are all bound to feel bad about the current situations. But the Bhallas would make you happy and also remind you that a brighter future is about to come!

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