5 Best Moments From Strawberry Shake Starring Hruta Durgule And Sumeet Raghavan

From the unusual father-daughter banter to the final confrontation, let's take a look at some of the memorable moments from this film.

A Still From Strawberry Shake

Hruta Durgule and Sumeet Raghavan’s Strawberry Shake is a short film directed by Shoneel Yallattikar. The film explores the beautiful relationship shared between a single father and his daughter. The father wants his daughter to be frank with him and treat him like a friend. Their relationship progresses gradually from one frame to another before the final confrontation. Although the film doesn’t have many scenes, there are a few moments that stay with us even after the ending. Let’s take a look at the five best moments from the film that can now be streamed on ZEE5.

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1. When the father tries to act cool

A still from Strawberry Shake
A still from Strawberry Shake

The film opens with Sumeet’s character talking to his daughter Mrunmayee who seems to be in a hurry to reach college. He wants to show off his uber-cool side to her and asks her to share all her secrets with him. He wants to have an open and frank relationship with his daughter which he read about in the newspaper. The father tries to act cool and even gives her a quirky hi-five before she leaves for college. This scene is hilarious as it sets the tone of the film and prepares you for an interesting journey ahead.

2. When Mrunmayee gets her boyfriend home

A Still From Strawberry Shake (2)
A Still From Strawberry Shake

Mrunmayee takes her father’s advice seriously and brings home her boyfriend Soham. Things get weird when the father is introduced to the young lad. The awkwardness between the two followed by an uncertain handshake is hilarious to watch. Never in his dreams did the father imagine his daughter inviting her boyfriend home. Sumeet depicts the restlessness that any father would feel in a situation like this, with his brilliant acting. The overflowing milk in the kitchen is also symbolic of things getting out of hand and is subtle yet effective touch!

3. When Mrunmayee asks for a condom

A still from Strawberry Shake
A Still From Strawberry Shake

Mrunmayee gains access to her father’s bedroom and steps inside with her boyfriend. She doesn’t hesitate to ask her father for a condom. Imagine the horror of a father who’s been asked something like this by his daughter! In this case, our ‘Daddy Cool’ is forced to oblige as he wants his daughter to accept him as a friend.

4. When they discuss things openly

A Still From Strawberry Shake (1)
A Still From Strawberry Shake

The father-daughter duo doesn’t shy away from discussing topics like sex, divorce, parenthood, and more. This scene is crucial as it breaks away from the stereotypical representation of a father-daughter relationship where the two parties are not supposed to speak about tabooed subjects like these out in the open.

5. Mrunmayee’s confrontation with her father

A still from Strawberry Shake
A Still From Strawberry Shake

The final confrontation is hard-hitting as it acts as the crux of the entire film. Mrunmayee confronts her father and asks him to let her live on her own will. The father is somehow taken aback by the sudden change in their equation but eventually appreciates Mrunmayee’s transparency. This scene will surely connect with you on a deeper, emotional level.

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