5 Book Fairs From Across The World That Are Totally Worth Visiting If You Love Reading

From Prosenjit To Radhika Apte, everyone loves books. Read more about these top book fairs around the globe.

1. Man's best friend - books

Prosenjit reading a book
Prosenjit (Source: Instagram)

Books are called man’s best friend. Reading helps us polish our skills and inspires us to overcome our shortcomings. Be it fiction or poetry, books keeps everyone entertained and educated. Just like us, many of our favourite Bengali celebrities also love to read a new book every once and then. They have been known to openly speak about the importance of reading a book. Superstar Prosenjit is also a big fan of reading books. He recently posted a picture on Instagram, where he is reading a book, He wrote: “We often come to experience some surprising adventures the moment we start reading a book!” This shows the amount of happiness he feels when he reads a new book. And what better time to take up a book than when the Kolkata Book Fair is going on? If you are a fan of books just like the Jyesthoputro star, here are five book fairs across the world, that you must visit.

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2. Kolkata Book Fair

Kolkata international book fair
(Source: Wikipedia Commons)

Right from its inception in 1976, the Kolkata Book Fair has been conducted by the Kolkata Publishers and Booksellers Guild. The book fair is currently in the 44th year. The event that is being held until February 9, is widely loved by many book lovers. Many collectors make sure to attend this event in the hopes of stumbling upon books of their favourite authors. Russia is the theme country this year.

3. Frankfurt Book Fair

Frankfurter Book fair
(Source: en.wikipedia.org)

Held by the Frankfurter Buchmesse GmbH, a subsidiary of the German Publishers and Booksellers Association, the Frankfurt book fair is a five-day annual event. With more than 7,000 exhibitors showcasing their books, the fair is considered to be one of the biggest international book fairs. It is known for the special guest of honour treatment, where every country’s literature is given a special status. The guest of honour for this year is Canada, therefore you may get to read special works of Canadian authors.

4. New Delhi World Book Fair

(Source: ZEE news)

This international book fair was first inaugurated by our president, V.V. Giri in 1972. The annual fair, which is held in winters, is a group effort by National Book Trust (NBT) and the India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO). This year would be the 28th anniversary of the event. The fair gets attention from publishers from various corners of the world.

5. The London Book Fair

(Source: commons.wikimedia.com)

With over 25,000 publishers attending the festival, the London Book Fair is one of the largest book fairs held across the world. It is considered to be a global marketplace for the content in all forms — i.e., print, audio, T.V., film and digital channels. This year marks the 49th anniversary of the event. Get a chance to read the various titles that are put on display during this event. 

6. Paris Book Fair


From themed stages to spectacular arrays of books, the four-day event is nothing less than a celebration of book lovers from all over the world. The Livre Fair, started in 1987 by French Publishers Association has lived up to the expectations of many literary enthusiasts. It provides a unique platform to discover the joy of reading.

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