5 Characters Like Ghoomketu Who Expertly Broke The Fourth Wall In Films

Characters in many movies address the audience directly. Here are 5 such characters that really spoke to us.

These characters give us a better insight into their stories

Characters Who Broke the Fourth Wall on ZEE5
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We often find the magic of cinema limited to the screen but sometimes the characters decide to literally talk to us through the story. These characters immediately become familiar to us because it feels like they are having an actual conversation with you, even if it may be a one-sided conversation. Much like Nawazuddin Siddique in the trailer of Ghoomketu who tells the audience about his journey to Mumbai.

Watch the teaser for Ghoomketu here.

1. Ghoomketu In Ghoomketu

Still from Ghoomketu on ZEE5
Source: ZEE5

In Ghoomketu, Nawazuddin Siddiqui plays the role of an aspiring scriptwriter trying to make his way in Bollywood. He is full of passion for films but his family wants him back in UP doing a job they picked out for him. In the film, we will get to see the city of Mumbai through the eyes of Ghoomketu.

2. Yogi From Happy Ending

Still from Happy Ending on ZEE5
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Yogi (Saif Ali Khan) from Happy Ending is the alter ego of another scriptwriter Yudi. The film follows Yudi from being a novel writer to writing a script for Govinda. Throughout this, the obese, clumsy, and lazy Yogi helps him come up with ideas and discuss his life. Yogi also talks to the audience and tells them what they can expect to happen next.

2. Tanie From Never Kiss Your Best Friend

Anya Singh and Nakuul Mehta in Never Kiss Your Best Friend
Anya Singh and Nakuul Mehta in Never Kiss Your Best Friend

Tanie (Anya Singh) from Never Kiss Your Best Friend would talk to audiences in the middle of any scene. The series follows the story of her friendship with Sumer right from the first moment they met, to their first fight, to their eventual romance. Through all of this, Tanie continues to break away from every scene to tell us how she truly feels about the moment in a funny yet sarcastic way.

Sanjaya Baru from The Accidental Prime Minister

Still from The Accidental Prime Minister on ZEE5
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In The Accidental Prime Minister, Sanjaya Baru (Akshay Khanna) narrates the story of Manmohan Singh’s life as a PM. he is the one taking us through the lives of politicians and people that matter in Indian politics. His honest opinions about everyone give us a look at the hypocrisy and hidden meaning behind what goes on in the corridors of power.

Ananya from My Brother... Nikhil

Still from My Brother Nikhil on ZEE5
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In My Brother… Nikhil, Ananya (Juhi Chwala) tells the story of her brother who is a queer and suffering from AIDS. Almost all the characters in this film break the fourth wall to talk about their memories of Nikhil and how he touched their lives. This makes the emotional film have an even more personal touch.

Which of these stories was your favourite? Let us know in the comments below. Watch Ghooomketu, the direct-to-web film, streaming on 22 May 2020 on ZEE5.