5 Dishes Without Which We Cannot Even Imagine Celebrating Poush Sankranti

Pithe puli, patishapta and all that make us look forward to the first festival of the year.

1. Patishapta

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No Bengali festival is complete without food. For Bengalis, every festival conjures up the image of a special dish. Poush Sankranti, the first festival of the new year – is similarly associated with pithe, puli, malpoa and a lot other sweet dishes made using nolen gur, the winter specialty. Poush Sankranti, as Makar Sankranti is known as in Bengal, is a three-day festival where Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped to celebrate good harvest. Freshly-harvested paddy, nolen gur and patali are used to make a wide variety of sweets. Here is a list of all the sweets without which Poush Sankranti is incomplete. Meanwhile, if you can’t get enough of ma-thakumar haater ranna, watch the ZEE5 Original film Daab Chingri below.

This Bengali dish which looks like thin crepes or pancakes is made with refined flour, rice flour and semolina. All these ingredients are stuffed with a delicious caramelised shredded coconut filling.

2. Doodh puli

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Doodh Puli is a unique stuffed dumpling dish made of coconut and date palm jaggery. The shell of this dish, however, is made of rice flour. It is not fried or steamed but boiled in thick milk. After this, the dish is flavoured with date palm jaggery.

3. Gokul pithe

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Gokul Pithe is an irresistible sweet dish made specially during this festival season. These are sweet fried dumplings, soaked in thick hot sugar syrup. The filling consists of grated coconut and jaggery.

4. Moa

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Joynagar is famous for its Moa which has even got a GI tag. It is is prepared using khejur gur and kanakchur khoi. These are the two key ingredients that are needed to make this lip-smacking food.

5. Malpua

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Malpua is a sweet pancake made during a lot of Indian festivals. These are usually served as a dessert snack either with rabdi or with some nuts sprinkled on top.

Is your mouth watering already? Don’t forget to gobble these yummy desserts during Poush Sankranti. In the meantime, check out Rannaghar on ZEE5 for more recipes.