5 Fairy Tales Based Films For Your Kid To Watch This Summer At Home During Lockdown

Let your kids explore the world of fairy tales with films like Wee Dragons, Imagination Land, Cinderella etc on ZEE5 Kids as you work from home.


Are you wondering what to show the little trouble makers at home next? Introduce the younger ones to a world of magic, dragons, goblins and beautiful princess. ZEE5 Kids brings a curated list of fairy tale based movies. As you work from home during this lockdown, your children can watch and enjoy classic tales like Hua Mulan, Cinderella and engaging new animated films like Pixie Dragons.

Check out these five films based on fairy tales that you can show your little ones at home while they stay indoors:

Hua Mulan

Introduce your child to one of the classic animated films about a Chinese warrior princess Hua Mulan. The movie tells the legend of Mulan who defeats all odds to fight in the great war for her bed-ridden father. Watch the thrilling tale of Hua Mulan exclusively on ZEE5 Kids.

Wee Dragons


Follow the quirky adventure of two young, goofy dragons, Gurt and Boyle as they try to save the kingdom of Wee Dragons from the evil dragon Durwyn. If your little ones love mystical creatures and fairies, this funny tale with goblins, dragons and beautiful princesses are surely going to be their favourite.

Pixy Dragons


If your kids love mystical creatures like Dragons and goblins, then they must watch the animated movie- Pixy Dragons. When two young dragons, Draco and Grus decide to participate in the Dragon Town’s fire-spewing contest, they find themselves against an evil dragon lord Lacerta who is planning to destroy their magical city. Will these two be able to win the contest and defeat the evil dragon? Watch Pixy Dragons to find out!

Imagination Land


Nurture your kid’s imagination with the quirky adventure kids movie Imagination Land. The movie follows Barney an owl who sets out to find a super storytelling duo Scout and Axle. When he finds them, Barney is asked to join their adventures as the trio takes off into the land of magic and wonders known as Imagination Land.



A classic tale of romance and magic, Cinderella remains a favourite story for all. Watch the classic tale of Cinderella, when she seeks the help of her fairy godmother to find her one true love against all odds. The animated classic from 1950 is available to stream on ZEE5 kids and you also can relive your childhood days with this one!

Which one from the list your kids liked the best? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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