#5 Funny Aju Varghese Moments From ZEE5 Malayalam Movies That Made Us ROFL Hard

Who doesn’t love the rib-tickling on-screen presence of Aju Varghese in Malayalam movies? Scroll down to have a look at #5 funny scenes of Aju.

1. Aju Varghese Gets A New Servant

Aju Varghese gets a servant(source:ZEE5)
Aju Varghese gets a servant(source:ZEE5)

With his unique characters and recent hit movies, Aju Varghese has become one of the most favourite comedians for Malayalis. Aju made his debut in the industry with the 2010 film Malarvadi Arts Club and has been a part of over 100 films till now as a comedian. Known for his signature style in cracking rib-tickling one-liners, the actor never fails to make us laugh in his movies. For all Aju Varghese fans out there, we bring you the #5 best comedy scenes from him.

Aju Varghese as Suru in Madhura Raja presents us with some of the best moments to LOL. Suru finds himself in trouble when a British tourist fails to give him rent. He solves the problem by making the foreigner his servant for odd jobs. The foreigner roams the village with his master, Aju, doing all sorts of menial jobs, making it a funny sight for the villagers.

Missed out on  Madhura Raja starring Aju Varghese? Watch it here:

2. Gopalan Never Gives Up

Aju Varghese in Rasputin (source:ZEE5)
Aju Varghese in Rasputin (source:ZEE5)

Gopalan from the Malayalam movie Rasputin is one of Aju Varghese’s best on-screen characters. With his goofy spectacles and quirky jokes, he creates some of the best moments in the movie. The funniest is when Radha and Susheelan admire Gops for his resilient chase for women.

Even after getting slapped by a girl, Gops gulps down his drink and goes after the next one. Along with Vinay Forrt and Sreenath Bhasi, Aju makes way for some fun moments in Rasputin.

3. Aluva Amod Tricks Meenukutty

Aju Varghese as Aluva Amod (source:ZEE5)

Aju Varghese is loved by his fans for the supporting characters he plays in movies. In Mohanlal, Aju Varghese — who is introduced as a usual comedian — makes way for the quirky twist in the movie. Presenting himself as a struggling filmmaker, Aluva Amod tricks Meenukutty into giving him her money and ornaments. The best moment comes when Amod tries to escape the Sethumadhavan and his friends. It is a fun-filled chase during the climax scenes.

4. Faizal Is The Best Wingman

Aju Varghese from KL 10 Pathu (source:ZEE5)
Aju Varghese from KL 10 Pathu (source:ZEE5)

In KL 10 Pathu, Aju Varghese plays the role of Faizal, who is Ahmed’s wingman and best friend in the movie. Even when he knows about Ahmed’s plan to elope with his girlfriend, Faizal takes his friends on a witty chase, misdirecting them from reaching Ahmed. The best moment appears when Faizal’s direction gets the gang in trouble as they are caught by the police for driving a car with no valid papers. Aju makes way for some of the funniest moments in KL 10 Pathu using his chemistry with co-actor Saiju Kurup.

5. Motta Manoj Gets Thrashed

Motta Manoj from B.Tech (source: ZEE5)
Motta Manoj from B.Tech (source: ZEE5)

All of us Aju Varghese fans were surprised to see the actor in a new avatar when Motta Manoj was introduced as a serious character in B.Tech, Aju starts off with his usual style of comedy after a short-while as he starts pranking Anand (Asif Ali) and his gang. The funniest moment was when he gets thrashed by Asif Ali and gang for trying to use his influence as a professor to fail them in exams.

The backstory of Aju’s character is also funny when Anand reveals that they were all classmates in college but Manoj passed the exams with wit and crook.

So which of these was your favourite Aju Varghese moment from ZEE5 Malayalam films? Tells us in the comments below!

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