5 Instagram Worthy Places In Shillong That Should Be On Your Must-Visit List

Explore the beautiful scenery of this famous hill station that resonates through the lives of Diya and Hiya in the ZEE5 Original Series Judgement Day.

1. Elephant Falls

Elephant Waterfalls
(Source: Wikimedia Commons)

In the peaceful state of Meghalaya, lies the calm and chilly city of Shillong. In such a beautiful city, which is the setting for Rabindranath Tagore’s famous novel Shesher Kobita, is set the story of the ZEE5 Original Series Judgement Day, a 10-episode series. Surrounded by the magnificent hills and the green trees which proudly adorn the natural beauty of the region, we see the story of Diya and Hiya unravel. Watch the trailer here:

If Shillong is a city in your travel bucket list, here are five places that you must visit.

Located 12 kms away from the city, the Elephant Falls or Three Step Waterfalls as it is locally called, is one of the most visited tourist spots of Shillong. Witness the sparkling white water trickling down the rocks as you visit this site and feel rejuvenated as you watch the picture-perfect waterfall.

2. Shillong Peak

(Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Being the highest point in the city of Shillong, Shillong Peak gives a wide view of the entire city. Experience the grandeur as you relish the spectacular sites of the city from this peak and watch the lush greenery surrounding the hills. If you are lucky, you may also spot the Himalayan peaks from this special site.

3. Mawjymbuin Caves

Mawjymbuin Caves
(Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Filled with the world’s best display of stalagmites, the Mawjymbuin caves are located in one of the wettest places of the world — Mawsynram. The naturally formed caves have many unique things to marvel about. Get a chance to witness a huge stalagmite which is in the shape of Shiva Linga.

4. Laitlum Canyons

Laitlum Canyons
(Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Check out the beautiful gorges and the winding staircase that lead to the lush valley as you visit the beautiful Latilum Canyons. Laitlum can be translated to ‘End of hills’ which speaks more about the location. Trek to witness the quaint scenery that befalls your eye and ready your camera to capture the breathtaking sight of the whole city from this point.

5. Ward's Lake

Ward's Lake
(Source: Wikimedia commons)

An artificial lake present in the centre of Shillong, Ward’s Lake or Pollock’s lake as it commonly called, is one of the most visited sites in the city. Go on a boating trip in the lake or walk on the cobble-stone path that surrounds the horse-shoe shaped lake. Filled with lush greenery and colourful flowers, the entire site leaves an everlasting impression on every traveller.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get ready to visit the city of Shillong.

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