5 Keto Dishes You Need To Try Inspired By Ti And Ti Actress Prarthana Behere

Here are five healthy Keto diet recipes one can try at home and achieve fitness goals like a boss.

1. Keto butter chicken

Keto Butter chicken
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It is important to maintain fitness and build up your immune system, especially in these tough times. Many of our beloved Marathi celebrities are doing that including the gorgeous Prarthana Behere. The actress is seen following a strict fitness regime consisting of effective workouts and a nutritious diet. She has been keeping her fans updated with her daily fitness achievements. Along with exercise, Prarthana also believes in having homemade diet food and has been experimenting in the kitchen with it. She recently shared the picture of her homecooked Keto chicken biryani that is amazing as it sounds. Check it out here. Seeing her cook such exotic dishes, we thought of sharing with you more such fascinating recipes that you can easily try at home to achieve your fitness goals. Here are five keto recipes inspired by Prarthana.

Watch Prarthana’s film Ti And Ti here.

Let’s begin with everyone’s favourite Indian dish- butter chicken, only this time with a twist of keto. It is made with loads of ghee, which is considered to be a distant cousin of butter. This creamy gravy is then mixed in tomato puree to complete the dish. You would love the signature flavour of the dish that lingers on for a while. For a vegetarian version of this dish, you can replace the chicken with paneer.

2. Keto pizza

Keto Pizza
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Who can resist a crispy pizza loaded with cheese? Yes, you read it right! It’s a simple fix to your pizza cravings without the carbs. Just add your choice of ingredients and make it on your own. This keto alternative pizza is low on carbs and is a dream dish for anyone who’s on diet. So let the party begin!

3. Keto egg salad

Keto egg salad
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This classic keto egg salad is as keto-friendly as it sounds. Adding a healthy element like avocado or broccoli can make it more interesting. It is yet another low carb and a high-fat meal that you can try at home. It tastes incredible and trust us, it would fill you up. You can enjoy it as a bowl for breakfast, as a meal during lunch, or as a wrapped in lettuce for dinner.

4. Keto sandwich

Keto sandwich
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When it comes to satisfying your cravings for breakfast, a keto sandwich can never go wrong! These keto-friendly sandwiches can be enjoyed without you worrying about going past your daily carb count. Just put in the egg whites, sausages, a slice of tomato and some spinach. Lo and behold! Your delicious yet healthy keto dish is ready!

5. Keto wraps

Keto wraps
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Made with bare minimum ingredients, these keto wraps are soft, crisp and easy to make. It can go well with any toppings like chicken, eggs, or even veggies like broccoli, cabbage, spinach. You can also add any herbs or spices that are readily available by your side. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s give it a go!

Do try these at home and let us know how it tasted in the comments box below.

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