5 Moments Of The Rockstar Bittu Mama From #NKYBFLockdownSpecial That Will Warm Your Heart

Javed Jaffery plays the eccentric and larger than life Bittu Mama and here are five moments from the lockdown edition that will warm your heart.

5 Moments that show a different side of The Rockstar Bittu Mama

A still of Javed Jaffery as Bittu Mama (Photo Courtesy: Online Portal)

In this season of Never Kiss Your Best Friend we have Javed Jaffery who plays Bittoo mama. Anya Singh plays Tanie who is his niece who gets stuck in his house during the lockdown. Bittu shares a less than cordial relationship with his sister Happy and the same goes for his relationship with Anya as well. But during this lockdown, we get to see a few moments that show another side of Bittu mama that will make us smile and pull at our heartstrings.

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1. When Bittu Mama proves that he is a true romantic.

A still from NKYBF (1)
A still from NKYBF (1) (Source: Online Portal)

Bittu mama has been angry at Happy aunty for a long time, and we finally get to know that it’s because she was the reason Sangeeta was sent away from him and his love story was not successful. He still holds a grudge against Happy aunty, while hoping that someday he’ll be reunited with his first love, Sangeeta. After disconnecting the video call, he finds an old picture of his love and looks at it fondly. At this moment we see how true and unconditional his love for Sangeeta is.

2. When Bittu Mama comes to Tanie's rescue.

A still of Bittu Mama (1) (Source: Online Portal)

Anya calls Bittu and irritably informs him that she’s not cooking for him. The building secretary, Ahuja, has taken away her groceries! Bittu mama gets on a conference video call with Ahuja immediately and threatens him for doing this to his niece. He’s smart, savage, and gets the matter resolved for her quickly.

3. When Bittu Mama comes to know the truth about his post

A still of Bittu Mama
A still of Bittu Mama (Source: Online Portal)

Bittu is ecstatic when he sees Sangeeta’s post and even tries to arrange a date via video call. But when he realizes it’s a prank played by Tanie, he gets shattered. It hurts more when he starts thinking that his love might not even be alive! You feel sorry for Bittu Mama.

4. When Zayed confesses the reason behind his calming tips

A still of Javed from NKYBF
A still of Javed from NKYBF (Source: Online Portal)

Tanie is suspected to be COVID positive due to an innocent visit to the ATM, and she is quarantined for 14 days at home. Even though her Bittu mama doesn’t get in touch with her during those 14 days, she gets to know through Zayed that they have been in touch regularly. Bittu mama has been passing on tips and techniques to Zayed that he will share with Tanie for her better health. This simple gesture will touch your hearts.

5. When Bittu mama gets a call

A still of Bittu Mama
A still of Bittu Mama (Source: Online Portal)

Tanie tweets about her uncle’s long lost love Sangeeta through which Sangeeta finally gets in touch with Bittu mama. When he realizes that he’s talking to Sangeeta after all these years of searching for her, he doesn’t know if he should laugh or cry. They talk for four hours straight! After this, Bittu immediately calls Tanie and expresses his gratitude for finding him his love. The happiness on his face shows how truly he loved her.

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