5 Movies Starring Ritwick Chakraborty That You Need To Sit Down And Watch This Weekend

His brilliant acting will leave you speechless, so make sure to put these films on your weekend watch-list.

1. Parineeta

We all love Ritwick Chakraborty for his exceptional performance in every role he plays. Unlike the conventional hero in cinema, he manages to shine as even the most understated character. Ritwick first started his career in theatre before moving on to the big screen. He made his debut with Pagol Premi before landing a role in Anjan’s Dutt Chalo Let’s Go. Here are five movies featuring the man himself to make your weekend complete.

Parineeta, directed by Raj Chakraborty, is a romantic drama where Ritwick plays Babai da, a tuition teacher. Having been a record-breaking student, he coaches other students, one of whom, Mehul (Subhashree Ganguly), is completely in love with him. He does not reciprocate this however, and romances his college-mate, Sayantika (Falaque Rashid Roy). In a shocking plot twist, Babai da commits suicide. Watch the film to unravel the mystery behind this tragedy with Mehul, who takes it upon herself to do so.  Full of suspense, this one is a riveting tale of love and deception.

2. Jyeshthoputro

In Kaushik Ganguly’s Jyeshthoputro, Ritwick shares the screen with Prosenjit for the first time and holds his own– to no one’s surprise! In fact, he steals the limelight with his raw, powerful performance which is what makes this such a treat to watch. The film explores family and difficult relationships amid extreme circumstances, and is an exemplary work of Bengali cinema. A must-watch indeed!

3. Chaya O Chobi

Another one by Kaushik Ganguly, Chaya O Chobi also starring Abir Chatterjee and Koel Mullick is about Maya, a film director who has come to Darjeeling from London to work on her first Bengali project. Things take an unexpected turn when the film’s leading actress, Rai, goes missing and nobody has any clue of her whereabouts. We then discover Rai in a secluded resort in the wilderness. What follows is a parallel story juxtaposing both real and reel life. Watch for spectacular cinematography full of heritage sites and gorgeous scenery, and of course, Ritwick’s excellent acting.

4. Cross Connection 2

Cross Connection 2, the sequel to Abhijit Guha and Sudeshna Roy’s first in the series, takes off with a continuing comedy of errors, making for the perfect lighthearted watch to chill out with. The main characters are two young couples who are figuring out their lives and aspirations. Confusion and drama ensue when their paths cross, and in a hilarious way! Ritwick is cast opposite Rimjhim Mitra here and does justice to his role as usual.

5. Shubho Sharadiya

Shubho (Ritwick) and Sharadiya (Raima Sen) are individuals who lead different lives with separate predicaments, till their paths cross (online!) and they bond over a common love for poetry. As fate would have it, their relationship grows over the Internet and blossoms into a romance. This is a film very relevant in our times and is a heartwarming watch.

Which of these films are your favourite? Let us know in the comments section below.

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