5 Movies To Help Kids Learn Empathy Towards Animals

These ZEE5 movies is a good way to bond with your kids over movie night and teach them some valuable lessons on compassion at the same time.

Here's how these ZEE5 movies show us that animals are super cool!

The killing of a pregnant wild elephant has created a storm, animal lovers are angry about the cruelty the elephant and it’s unborn baby had to face. After this breaking news went viral, film fraternity and television celebs were shocked reading the news and screamed #shameonhumanity. It is true that we all should be ashamed of such inhuman behaviour. This piece of news has filled our hearts with a range of emotions. It has made all of us question as to where the world is heading and how humanity might just become extinct with time.

It’s therefore important for parents to teach their kids the art of kindness, compassion and humanity not just towards humans but also animals. Here is a list of ZEE5 movies that you should watch with your kids and teach them some kindness and compassion towards animals, while you also bond over some #NonStopBachFUN.

1. Guddu


Guddu is an original ZEE5 animated series that revolves around a lion named Guddu and his gang. Guddu and his friends run a circus and want to entertain the audience with their acts. This movie will teach kids valuable lessons in life about friendship and empathy towards these beautiful creatures. It also shows us how animals are as smart as humans.

2. Zoo Wars

Zoo Wars

Zoo Wars is a ZEE5 animated movie which talks about a Nuke elephant who has a boring desk job, but in reality, he desires to be a space adventurer. Soon, Nuke join hands with rogue warrior Squeeze Whistle, a fearless space squirrel and the two set for a fun adventure. The two rescue a princess and stop an evil mouse on taking over the galaxy. This movie showcases a strong message of bringing in peace in several ways and teaches us how animals too, like humans stand by each other during difficult times.

3. Simba: The King Lion

Simba: The King Lion

This ZEE5 original animated movie Simba The king Lion showcases fun-thrilled adventure in Simba’s life. Simba’s faith and courage are what kids need to learn and adapt in this cruel world.

4. Fish School

In this animal movie Fish School, Peewee is a fish who loves to attend fish school with his favourite teacher, Professor Fishbone. This movie gives us an insight into how fishes live, their food, their world and much more. Throughout this movie, kids will learn about how fishes, like humans, also have families and friends etc. Besides enjoying the film, they will also empathise with the underwater world.

5. Haathi Mere Saathi

Haathi Mere Saathi

Haathi Mere Saathi starred Rajesh Khanna and Tanuja in main roles. In the movie, Raju is an orphan, who loves animals and is madly in love with them. He even has a private zoo and is quite close to his four elephants. The bond between Raju and his elephant show how friendship comes in different forms and how sometimes animals become our best friends.

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