5 Reasons To Watch Johnny Johnny Yes Papa, Now Streaming On Your ZEE5 Platform

With a light-hearted but message-conveying story, check out some of the reasons why this Preetham Gubbi film will be a worthwhile watch!

The Duniya Vijay Starrer Johnny Johnny Yes Papa

Directed by the talented Preetham Gubbi, Johnny Johnny Yes Papa is a comedy-action film starring Duniya Vijay and the Dimple Queen of Sandalwood, Rachita Ram. The story revolves around Johnny, who stays in a fictional area called Rainbow colony with his best friend, whom everyone calls ‘Papa’ since he is slightly on the older siTagsde.

In the neighbourhood lives a girl called Priya (Rachita), who has high aims to settle abroad but her father is slightly against this idea. The crux of the story is when Johnny finds out that the love of his life wants to leave, can he stop her? Why this movie shouldn’t be missed is because you can watch it more than once because of the multiple messages that it brings to the audience.

Having released early last year, you can be rest assured that watching Johnny Johnny Yes Papa with your family or friends will totally be worth your time. Here are other reasons why you should watch it…

1. Apart from the strong lead cast, we have veteran supporting actors like Rangayana Raghu and Sadhu Kokila in the mix

A Still Of Rangayana Raghu
Source: ZEE5

2. Bollywood singer Armaan Malik has sung the song Neene Nanagella in the film while Power Star Puneeth Rajkumar has rendered the title track

3. More than the onscreen chemistry of Rachita and Vijay, you have to watch out for the excellent vibes the latter and Rangayana Raghu share in the film

A Still Of Duniya Vijay And Rangayana Raghu
Source: ZEE5

4. The sets of the entire film have been crafted to suit the screenplay. So except for the songs and dream sequences if you notice all the sets have been created just for the film.

5. Despite Rachita Ram having lesser screen time in the film, she looks apt for the kind of role that was needed to play Priya

A Still Of Rachita Ram
Source: ZEE5

Which is your reason to watch Johnny Johnny Yes Papa today? Send in your comments in the space provided below.

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