5 Reasons Why Film Buff Must Watch Fahad Fazil Starrer ‘Carbon’

The 2018 movie is written and directed by Venu. The movie features mystic music compositions from Vishal Bhardwaj.

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Carbon came out in the industry when Malayalam films were experimenting with novel methods of filmmaking, exceeding industry standards in India. The director, Venu, says that he conceptualised the character keeping Fahad in mind. The movie gained critical appreciation for its stills and quality production. The director is famous for his cinematography, making the movie a wonderful mixture of signature shots and enthralling story telling.

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The story revolves around Sibi, an average guy from a middle-class family, looking for ways to make a quick fortune as he learns about a lost treasure in the forest next to the old bungalow that he works in. The story behind the treasure and the way the scenes roll out become a visual treat as the cinematographer-director uses his signature style in filming. As Sibi is lost in the forest, the story evolves into a fantasy, with spine chilling interjections into the plot, making the viewers takeaway learnings from Sibi’s story.


The movie revolves around themes of greed, power and fantasy. When Venu’s filmmaking brilliance is mixed with Fahad Fazil’s mesmerising performance as Sibi, the movie takes the viewers into fantasy levels that had hitherto remained unexplored in the film industry.

Here are the top 5 reasons why we think Carbon is a must watch:

  1. The movie is a visual treat as it is shot in the scenic locations of Idukki and Kattappana in Kerala. Vishal Bhardwaj won the Kerala State Film Award for Best Music Director for his compositions in Carbon.
  2. The cinematography is at par with Hollywood standards as Venu’s prowess in filmmaking is evident in every shot. 
  3. Fahad Fazil mesmerises the viewers with his adaptation of Sibi, who has his own notions of wealth, societal concepts and success.
  4. The movie explores fantasy and even turns into an adventure thriller as Sibi sets out to explore the forest in search of the lost treasure.
  5. Carbon won a lot of recognition as it won Kerala State Film Awards for best cinematography, music director, sound recordist and lab process.

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