World Yoga Day: 5 Reasons Why You Should Take Up Yoga Like Kaali Actor Vidya Malvade

This gorgeous Kaali 2 actor's yoga moves will definitely inspire you to practice the ancient art form.

1. Improve your health

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Did you know that Vidya Malvade, the graceful actor from Kaali 2, is an expert at yoga? Many of us know her from Chak De India as the famous goalkeeper of the women’s cricket team, but Vidya is a multifaceted personality with many talents! Check out her posts on social media, and you will be amazed! We bring you five reasons you should also take up yoga. Read on to know more.

Yoga improves your overall health, including your heart, one of the most important organs in our body. It also makes you more flexible. An effective form of exercise, do yoga to watch your physical form soar!

3. Reduce and manage pain

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Prevent and reduce body aches and pains by doing yoga regularly. Many of those who suffer from chronic pain have benefited from pain relief through this practice.

Vidya gives us serious goals!

4. Get better sleep

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Yoga has proven to be extremely beneficial in helping one get better sleep. For a restful night without tossing and turning in bed, grab your mat and get going!

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5. Manage body weight

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Stay fit and slim through yoga, which also helps you reduce and maintain your body weight.

Vidya sure shows us how and gives us all the reasons we might need to start doing this effective form of exercise, today.

Do you practice yoga? If not, does Vidya inspire you to begin? Let us know with your comment below.

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