5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Topless, A ZEE5 Original Action Drama By Dinesh Mohan

If you like Tarantino-style flicks, you should definitely watch ZEE5's hit Tamil Original action drama series Topless. It's now available in Hindi.

1. Guru Somasundaram

Topless Guru Somasundaram

Topless is a 2020 ZEE5 Original action drama web series, starring Guru Somasundaram, Bazak Gaziler Prasad, Gokul Anand and Rohit Muralidharan. A century-old nude painting creates ripples at an auction, as a religious politician and others bid to win the artwork. The work of a British artist dating back to 1920, a rumour is spread that it is supposed to be cursed. Yet, there are at least three interested parties scrambling to acquire this painting, at all costs, legal or illegal. One is a religious politician, the other party is a gang of thieves. And the third is an English woman and the grand-daughter of the artist. Originally, Topless is a Tamil series but is dubbed in Hindi, making it available for the audience to enjoy its dark humour and action!

Guru Somasundaram, the Jigarthanda fame down south, plays the role of a politician who is also after the painting. The star of the series, he wishes to acquire the Topless painting for some mysterious reasons only known to him. The actor is making his digital debut with the ZEE5 Original action series.

2. Harish Uthaman

Topless Harish Uthaman
Topless Harish Uthaman

Acting as a leader to the gangsters is Harish Uthaman, who has been given the name ‘Top’ in the action series. Along with the renowned politician, he is also chasing after the nude painting. Recently, he has played druglord Adaikalam in the hit film, Kaithi.

3. Random Dialogues

Topless Dialogues
Topless Dialogues

Penned by director Dinesh Mohan, along with writer Sanmargan, the dialogues of the series have an underlying dark humour and senseless randomness to them. The dialogue delivery by Guru Somasundaram, Harish Uthaman (Top), Rohit Murlidharan (Base) and Antony Felix (Left) will have you in stitches!

To get a glimpse of it, watch the trailer here:

4. Direction by Dinesh Mohan

Topless Director
Topless Director

Inspired by Hollywood directors Quentin Tarantino and Guy Ritchie, the director of Topless, Dinesh Mohan chose a non-linear and somewhat whacky storyline for the ZEE5 Original series. it is not surprising that the show has random stories that intertwine to form a series of hilarious chaos!

5. Music and background score

Topless Music
Topless Music

Amrit Rao and Aravind Venkatesh are the music producers of the series Topless. The soundtrack album of the series complements the characters’ dark and comical vibe. As the series also taps into the action genre, the background score captures its essence also!

Shot majorly in Chennai, cinematographers are Vishal Vijayan and Viswesh. Filmed originally in Tamil and dubbed in Hindi, the ZEE5 Original series is co-produced by K. S. Sinish (Soldiers’ Factory) and it released on 11 February 2020 on ZEE5. Go ahead and watch all the 6 episodes of Topless!

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