5 Reasons You Should Watch Bhau Kadam Starrer Nashibvaan

This Amol Gole directional is a heartwarming tale about greed and relationships. More details inside!

Poster Of Nashibvaan

‘Paisa hai toh sab kuch hai (If you have money, you have everything)’ goes the common saying, and Babanrao couldn’t agree more. The municipal sweeper is a dreamer and is never satisfied with what he has. He wants more money, a bigger house, a better life, so on and so forth. The character’s journey is what we see in Nashibvaan, directed by Amol Gole. Starring Bhau Kadam as the lead character, this film tells a heartwarming tale about ambitions, relationships and greed.

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Here are five reasons why you should watch Nashibvaan that will stream for free on ZEE5 tomorrow:

1. Bhau Kadam’s solid performance

The actor is mostly known for his comic acts, specifically in Zee Marathi’s hit show Chala Hawa Yeu Dya. But Bhau Kadam is pulled out of his comfort zone as he aces the role of a municipal sweeper, battling with poverty and discrimination. He is endearing in the role and will convince you with his powerful act.

2. The plot

Nashibvaan tells the story of a sweeper Babanrao, whose life changes when he chances upon tonnes of money. The film provides a flip side into what a lot of money can do to relationships. While wishing for money is no crime, being greedy about it is and that’s what Nashibvaan is all about.

3. The comic moments 

A Still From Nashibvaan
Source: ZEE5

With a film starring Bhau Kadam, there’s bound to be some comedy right? The film boasts of certain comic moments that will tickle your funny bone.

4. Relatibility 

Many people will be able to relate to Babanrao’s struggle. It can get incredibly difficult to make ends meet, especially in a city. Hence the character’s dreams and wishes will resonate with a lot of people.

5. The direction 

The pleasing narrative of the film is tightly knit together with efficient direction. The scenes are interwoven well, and that’s one of the many factors that make Nashibvaan watchable.

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