5 Signs You Have A Millenial Friendship Like Sumer-Tanie In Never Kiss Your Best Friend

This Friendship Day take a look at Nakuul Mehta and Anya Singh's fresh story about modern friendships.

1. Best Friends And Drinking Partners

Never Kiss Your Best Friend
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Never Kiss Your Best Friend released in January on ZEE5 and has made quite a mark with audiences. One of the main reasons for this is that it showed a kind of friendship between men and women that the younger generation can relate to. More importantly, it showed that a boy and a girl can be friends (well almost). This Friendship Day watch this very special series.

In the very first episode, Sumer and Tanie bond over alcohol at a family party. They eventually become drinking partners and celebrate their happy and sad moments bonding over alcohol. While there are people who still frown at this, it is finally becoming acceptable for men and women to drink in each other’s company.

Watch a small example of their friendship in the short promo here.

2. Everyone Thinks You Are A Couple

Never Kiss Your Best Friend
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If you are as close as friends as Sumer and Tanir you will relate to this. Everyone around you is convinced that you are a couple. They will sound surprised when you say that you are not dating and will suggest that you start dating followed by the age old ‘ek ladka aur ladki kabhi dost nahi ho sakte‘.

3. You Both Don't Have Boundaries

Never Kiss Your Best Friend
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Sumer and Tanie’s first encounter was with her peeing in the washroom and seeing him masturbating behind the shower curtain. They give out each other’s their bedrooms for a few hours to spend time with their respective boyfriend/girlfriends. In one instance, Tanie interrupts Sumer while he is having sex to warn him that her parents are coming home. They even make jokes about giving blowjobs and other topics that would be taboo in a normal friendship.

4. Help Each Other Out Without Asking

Never Kiss Your Best Friend -3
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Sumer and Tanie help each other and look out for one another. Tanie and Sumer give each other reality checks about their relationships. Sumer gets Tanie’s mother to allow her to study in the college of her dreams, even though she never asked him to do that for her.

5. You Both Have A Favourite Spot

Never Kiss Your Best Friend -5
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It could be your favourite table at a cafe or restaurant, a preferred seat in a theatre or just a park bench like the one seen in Never Kiss Your Best Friend. There’s one favourite hangout spot where you and your best friend can meet regularly and talk about life love and loss-making memories along the way.

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