5 Soothing Songs That Will Get You Through The Week

We bring you a list of favourite songs to add to your playlist including Shei Chena Rasta, Ekla Chalo Re and Abhidhan.

1. Shei Chena Rasta

You’ve just got over the Monday blues, and then you realise that there is still a whole week of work to get through before the weekend comes along. Well, we’ve got a list of songs that will definitely calm you, lift your spirit and give you the strength to make it through. Check them out!

Shei Chena Rasta or ‘that familiar road’ is a beautiful song sung by Arko Pravo Mukherjee, featuring Anindya Chatterjee and Antasheela Ghosh in the video. Evocative and nostalgic, this number talks of finding oneself and will strike a pleasant chord.

2. Ekla Chalo Re

Ekla Chalo Re is a melodious track from the film It Happened In Calcutta. It is a rendition of the original song by Rabindranath Tagore, and will give you all the motivation you need to take heart and power through a stressful week. The song is composed by Rahul Ranadip, penned by Aasif Moyal and sung by Rahul Mukherjee, Pooja Shankar , Ranadip Bhaskar and Nishan Gupta.

3. Barabari Mon

Barabari Mon, is a song from the movie Biddhrohini (starring Rituparna Sengupta), sung by Anwesshaa. This one is a feel-good number about a mind that is in love, and all the heady madness one experiences in such a state. This will cheer you up in an instant!

4. Abhidhan

Abhidhan, from the movie Shlilotahanir Pore, is truly a pleasantly mellow number that will soothe frazzled nerves and ease your mind. Sung by Ratnendra Bhaduri, the movie features Mouboni Sarkar, Devlina Kumar and Sreela Majumdar.

5. Chander Hanshi

This is another rendition of a golden Rabindra Sangeet, adapted for Shlilotahanir Pore, and sung by Riddhi Bandyopadhyay and Debmalya Chattopadhyay. Chander Hanshi or the ‘smile of the moon’ has lyrics that are very poetic, and the song is incredibly heartfelt too.

Which of these songs did you like listening to the most? Tell us in the comments below.

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