5 Surprising Twists On ZEE5’s Original Series High Priestess That Make It A Must Watch

Here are some of the most shocking twists on ZEE5's original series High Priestess. Read on to find out!

A Still From High Priestess (5)

ZEE5’s orginal web series High Priestess starring Amala Akkineni and Kishore Kumar is a thriller drama that revolves around the life of Swathi, a tarot card reader and a psychic. She uses her psychic powers to solve mysterious cases of her clients. Swathi is shown to deal with otherworldly spirits, ghosts, and supernatural elements. While the presence of these horrifying things is enough to scare you out of your wits, there are some interesting twists that make the series an enthralling experience altogether. So before you sit down to watch High Priestess, make sure to fasten your seatbelts as you’re up for a ride! Here are some of the most surprising twists on the series which were jaw-dropping.

Watch the first episode of High Priestess here.

1. The pool sequence

A Still From High Priestess (9)
A Still From High Priestess

The opening act in the series itself is surprising and makes a statement. Someone is being pulled inside the swimming pool. It is only later in the episode that we realise that the person drowning is Swathi’s daughter Sneha. This horrifying pool sequence lasts for a couple of minutes before Swathi realises that she was hallucinating all this while. But is she?

2. The missing person

A Still From High Priestess
A Still From High Priestess

In the first episode, Swathi deals with the case of a missing person. But just as she’s going to crack it, you’re in for a surprise! To everyone’s horror, it is a case of female infanticide and a highly disturbing one.

3. The obsession for dolls explained

A Still From High Priestess
A Still From High Priestess

Swathi deals with many unusual cases during the course of the series. During one of the episodes, she comes across the story of a lady who trades her blood for her desire to look beautiful physically. Things start getting out of hand when the demon that is trapped in a doll messess with the woman’s personal life. This episode will surely keep you on your toes.

4. Vikram’s involvement in Swati’s life

A Still From High Priestess
A Still From High Priestess

The role of Vikram in Swati’s life is unknown and is kept under wraps. The two are shown sharing a college romance and dream of spending life together. However, things don’t go according to plan. Swati is busy spending her life as a single mother to Sneha and that’s when Vikram reenters her life. He also reveals that he had visualised having conversations that he would have with Swati once they meet. But the real question is why did Vikram return to her life after all these years? Is their a hidden motive behind this?

5. The ultimate revelation

A Still From High Priestess (4)
A Still From High Priestess

The ulterior motive behind Vikram’s return though unclear at first, becomes the only talking point of the series later. As the series moves towards the end, we come across yet another twist in the tale. Though the series is full of cliff hangers, the climax will shock you. A bittersweet end to Vikram and Swathi’s relationship is the only hint you’ll get!

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