5 Things Kalyani Of Tujhse Hai Raabta And Gauravi Of Baarish Have In Common

Strong women are often those who have their head on their shoulders, and clarity in their thoughts, Kalyani and Gauravi stand for this notion.

1. Getting married for their family

A still of Gaurvi and Anuj and Kalyani and Malhar (Source Online Portal)

It’s essential to be there for your family but it’s rare to see individuals sacrificing their own happiness for the sake of their families.  Gauravi and Kalyani are women with strong mettle and resilience who believe in being in ideals and values of love and respect for one’s family. In Baarish, we see how Gauravi marries Anuj despite, not being in love with him but just to make her family happy. Similarly in Tujhse Hai Raabta, we see Kalyani sacrifice for her family by getting married to ACP Malhar Rana.

Helping the family in tough times

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Gauravi is very strong-headed when it comes to making decisions for her family, she already knew that she wouldn’t marry someone who doesn’t support her ideologies pertaining to marriage. When her brother wanted to get married to Shreya,  he couldn’t since Gauravi was unmarried, she gave the thought of marrying Anuj a chance, as she wanted her brother’s happiness after all. Even after marriage, she continued working in Anuj’s store. In Tujhse Hai Raabta, when Kalyani learns about Mokh’s illness or anything going wrong with Anupriya, she makes sure to be there for her family and protect them, no matter what.

Problems in the house

A still of Sampada and Rohit
A still of Sampada and Rohit (Source: Online Portal)

Gauravi and Kalyani don’t have to go too far in search of problems. They both have certain people in their respective households who don’t wish any good for them. While Kalyani struggles with Sampada directly, Rohit’s passive-aggressive behaviour towards Gauravi making it quite evident that he dislikes her.

4. Extremely encouraging wives

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Kalyani encourages Malhar to push himself and become a better person, she is always there by his side and takes a stand for him. In Baarish, Gauravi teaches Anuj how to speak in English, and gives him more confidence. Both the characters are extremely self-aware and secure which makes them so unique.

They both come from humble backgrounds

A still of Gaurvi and Kalyani
A still of Gaurvi and Kalyani (Source: Online Portal)

Gaurvi is an independent girl who wants to support her family and she comes from a very humble background. She loves her family and she would go to Siddhivinayak to pray for a perfect beau who would let her support her family. Kalyani had a rough start with her mother but over time she realised the significance of the bond and there is absolutely nothing she hides from her mother.

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