5 Things That Kids Can Learn About Teamwork And Togetherness From GG Bond And His Friends

GG Bond is accompanied by his group of friends in his battle to save the world. Here are 5 lessons that your child can take from this awesome group.

GG Bond Light Guardians

GG Bond is the story of a mischievous pig who is born as an orphan but is taken care of by Dr. Mihoo, a scientist and inventor. Every episode in the series revolves around this insanely gifted pig, GG Bond who fights monsters to bring peace in this world. Apart from the TV series, there are numerous films like GG Bond Ultimate Battle, based on this popular character that your child can enjoy on ZEE5 Kids. The show is full of humour and yet teaches us a thing or two about moral values like respect, bravery, honour. GG Bond is accompanied by his friends in every encounter with the evil mastermind Super Q. GG Bond uses his superpowers to bring peace in this world by working together with his friends. Here are some things that kids can learn about teamwork and togetherness from GG Bond and his friends.

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1. Stick together like a group

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going! And this is true in the case of GG Bond and his friends. No matter what the situation is they stick together through thick and thin.

2. Respecting decisions

GG Bond’s friends have differing personalities. While Phoebe is calm headed, S Daddy, on the other hand, loses cool in a second. However, GG Bond knows their potential and respects their decisions. After all, there needs to be a mutual understanding in a team.

A Still From GG Bond Ultimate Battle
Source: ZEE5

3. Collective power 

Defending the city from Super Q and his sidekick Bobby is quite a task, but this amazing group of friends makes it look easy. The secret lies in their unity which they very proudly boast of. They conquer an evil force with their collective power of friendship.

4. Highlights individual strengths

GG Bond is himself a gifted superhero. However, Phoebe and S Daddy are also just as talented as GG Bond is. GG Bond recognises their talents and uses their individual strengths for saving the world.

5. Building trust

Every episode in GG Bond teaches us moral lessons like bravery, integrity, respect, and harmony. But the most important lesson of them all is building trust through mutual understanding in the group.

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