Vikas Dubey Encounter: 5 Times The Police Delivered Justice In Their Own Way

Like the recent Vikas Dubey encounter, here are few cases where cops had to take the law in their own hands to ensure public safety.

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The police are the enforcers of  law and it is their duty to ensure that they uphold the law too. In reality, the cops have to deal with the mostly grey world of crime where the line between right and wrong, lawful and unlawful become blurred. Sometimes the situations get out of control and the police are forced to take the law in their hands seen in ZEE5 Original series like Abhay, Lalbazaar and others. This can often draw praise or heavy criticism from the common public.

The Vikas Dubey encounter is one such example. Vikas Dubey was a dreaded gangster who was responsible for the killing of 8 cops and had 62 cases against him. He was killed in an encounter while being taken from Ujjain to Kanpur. The police said the car toppled over and Vikas Dubey tried to use the accident to steal a gun and escape and had to be shot.

One police encounter that really divided the country was the shootings of the Hyderabad rape suspects. The four men were suspected of raping a young female vet and were kept in police detention. According to the police, when they took the suspects to the crime scene one of them tried to steal a gun and escape with the others and had to be shot too.

Manya Surve was the first recognised encounter killing by the Mumbai police that began the whole clean up of gangs and crime syndicates that ruled Mumbai in the 70s. Manya Surve was shot dead by police officers Raja Tambat and Isaque Bagwan at the Wadala area in 1982. Up until 2003, the police have killed 1200 criminals in encounters since then.

Pradeep Sharma is the biggest encounter cop in India with 312 killings under his name. He has taken on crime bosses and international terrorists from the LeT. However, his most controversial encounter would be the Lakhan Bhaiiya encounter. Lakhan was considered as Chhota Rajan’s close aide and was encountered by 13 officers. Pradeep Sharma was jailed for this encounter but later acquited of all charges.

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Veerapan is one of the most famous gangsters and he was killed by the Special Task Force in 2004. However, some of the human rights organisations found evidence that he was tortured before being killed in an encounter.

Ashok Bhadoriya is another enocounter specialist who gained a reputation for killing dacoits in the Chambal region. The exact count of the number of his targets is still unclear to this date. He received 16 Times Nominated for President’s Gallantry Medal for cleaning up the Chambal Valley.

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