5 Times When Bablu And Dablu Saved The Forest From That Evil Logger Vick

Bablu Dablu is a ZEE5 original series which makes everyone learn the importance of forests and animals. The series inspires people to be responsible.

The series makes everyone understand the importance of nature

Bablu Dablu on ZEE5
Source: ZEE5

Bablu Dablu is a ZEE5 original animated series which is loved by the kids. The animated characters’ have been voiced by Aditi Singh as Chintu And Natasha, Anuj Pratap Singh as Dabloo and Lala, Utkarsh as Babloo And Rancho, and Junaid as Lakha and Boss. This series originated from China and it is now popular across the globe. The series is produced by Fantawild Holdings Inc. The storyline showcases a strong brotherly bond between two bears – Bablu and Dablu, who try their best in stop Logger Vick from destroying their forest home. Bablu Dablu series makes audiences understand the importance of forests and nature and teaches important lessons of life. Here is a list of times when Bablu and Dablu saved the forest from evil Logger Vick.

1. Bramble saves the forest

In this episode, Briar feels proud about making the best bamboo-copter in the forest, but suddenly Bramble accidentally breaks it. Briar gets angry with Bramble and says that his paws have been cursed. Bramble wants to apologize to Briar and saves Logger Vick by chance. He then decides to help Vick by installing some equipment on his truck. Logger Vick cuts trees with his new super truck and animals are not able to stop him. Suddenly, Vick’s truck breaks down and Bramble saves the forest as well as the animals.

2. Logger Vick's plan fails miserably

Logger Vick finds it difficult to collect timber and suddenly he gets to know that some investors are looking for land for industrial use. He plans to rent out the forest for money and decides to cut all the trees. Animals try every method to save their homes and try to stop logger Vick from cutting down trees. They finally succeed in destroying his equipment, they succeed in destroying all his machines.

3. Warren makes logger Vick realise his mistake

Logger Vick starts cutting down the trees and Warren (squirrel) requests Bramble to help him save his house. Seeing Bramble, Logger Vick runs away. Both Briar and Bramble plan to play pranks on Logger Vick. They make sure that Logger Vick understands that Warren is tough and the strongest. Finally, Logger Vick apologies to Warren for trying to destroy his home.

4. Logger Vick gets shot

Logger Vick gets harassed by the bear brothers for his wrong deeds and decides to offer them nuts. Both Briar and Bramble sees chainsaw and understands Logger Vick’s evil intention. Logger Vick once again tries to keep the bear brothers away from his business and offers them delicious food. After eating the food, the bear brothers fall asleep. Vick gets back to his cutting down trees business and after he chops a single tree, the bear brothers expose him. Vick tries to shoot them, but it backfires and he gets shot instead.

5. Logger Vick gets exposed

Logger Vick makes sculptures of himself to keep the bear brothers away from his business. Briar and Bramble see Logger Vick everywhere. Logger Vick’s plan works and he starts cutting down trees. He suddenly sees the bear brothers approaching him and stands still like a sculpture. Briar notices the chainsaw inside a tree and gets to know that Logger Vick is real. The bear brothers harass Vick and finally decide to split the sculpture into two parts. Logger Vick gets scared and screams.

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