5 ZEE5 Original Films That Every Movie Buff Needs To Watch Right Now

From Sudakshinar Saree to Ekachakra, we have got a list of movies of different flavours that you would love to watch on ZEE5. Check them out.

1. Ekchakra

The smell of popcorn coupled with an interesting new film to binge on, that’s the way we all wish to enjoy our weekend. From action films to family dramas, there are many options to choose from on ZEE5. To make your job easier, we have curated a list of the best films that you can watch this weekend. If you are up for a movie plan, here are five movies that you can watch during the weekend. Starring Priyanka Rati Pal, Indrasish Roy and Sugato Roy, Ekchakra is a story of a female cop, Zoya Rehman, who gets transferred to the village of Ekchakra. But this village is terrorised by Bakrashas, a criminal who runs a woman trafficking mafia and it is now up to Zoya to stop him. Watch it now.

2. Sudakshinar Saree

Sreelekha Mitra stars in the role of an ideal housewife juggling her roles of mother, daughter-in-law, aunt and sister-in-law with ease in this ZEE5 Original. She starts collecting sarees as a passion, however after a sudden twist, she starts to take her passion seriously. How she manages to balance her life and her passion is shown in Sudakshinar Saree. Check it out.

3. Hey Bhogoban

The comedy film Hey Bhogoban starring  Saurav Das, Rupsha Chakraborty, Arindam Ganguly, is one of the best comedy films to watch. In this movie, we see Simpli, an atheist who hates god but ironically performs poojas and rituals for a living. As she lives her life in a shrewd manner, Madan, the god of love is sent to help and sort her life. Hilarity ensues when the Madan himself deviates from his actual purpose. Watch this funny movie now on ZEE5.

4. Swade Ahlade

This is a unique story of a middle-aged lady, Chaitali, who lives with her strict in-laws and a husband who doesn’t care much about her. As her life starts to turn meaningless, she meets a confident lady, Kritika. This movie goes on to capture her life after the entry of Kritka. What happens next forms the crux of the story. Will Kritika help Chaitali change? Watch Swade Ahlade to find out.

5. Shesh Mess

Mess houses or mess-bari as they are popularly known, were the go-to options of boarding for many people who moved to Kolkata for the purpose of education or career in the 20th century. This story takes about one such mess which is inhabited by eight people. The movie shows the joy, trials and hardships faced by these people. Watch Shesh Mess here. Watch Madhumita Sarkar and Sohini Sarcar act in the ZEE5 Original Series, Judgement Day.